New Faces For July 2017 Part 2

Several new additions have popped up since our earlier post, enough to warrant our second spotlight on new faces for the month rather than wait until next week. All four guys here are in full-on sex scenes…and it appears that they’re three of them are making their first appearances on camera. For one of the guys his scene is described as an “audition” so we can assume from its release it was a successful one.

Spencer Daley at Jason Sparks Live . This blond from Nebraska is paired with hot, muscular Brogan Reed and newcomer or not that HAS to be intimidating. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Spencer who actually has a low-key demeanor. He’s also upfront about his reason for getting into porn: his job sucked and wanted to do something exciting. According to Jason Sparks Live one of Spencer’s great passions is public sex so he joined the tour ” to see where it would take him! And the sucking part is good here!”

Spencer and Brogan get busy here kissing before trading blow jobs and fucking.  As is pointed out in the description, “Brogan is hard and horny and Spencer’s on all four getting fucked like there is no tomorrow.” But there’s also a point where Spencer Daley takes it slower while riding Brogan’s cock. Finally Brogan Reed fucks Spencer on his back where they both cum: Spencer “all over his creamy white abs while Brogan buries one deep inside his ass.” We’ll see if Spencer Daley‘s inner passion comes out in the future.

Kaden Dean at Guys In Sweatpants.  Not only is this a promising debut it’s a good scene and further proof of Austin Wilde‘s site making a real comeback and better than ever. Let’s start with the main ficus here and that’s Kaden. A tall 22 year old Texan about to graduate from college who is openly gay and has been having sex since high school (he’s candid about his experiences). He’s also wanted to do porn but waited until he thought he was ready by putting a little muscle on his lean frame (he’s still working on it). Very pleasant and sweet guy.

Austin pairs with Clark Parker the tan, blondish, muscular, tattooed and versatile performer who recently got back into porn. He’s very close to the type of guy who Kaden Dean describes as a preferred scene partner…without having met him. Clark is excited about taking on a newbie and about topping for the first time in a while. When they meet it’s sweetly awkward and then they kiss and it just moves smoothly from there. Clark certainly treats Kaden right by sucking him first can see on Kaden’s smiling face he’s definitely content. And he’s eager to return the favor.

Earlier Austin had told Clark he was getting a power bottom and so reacts accordingly, giving Kaden a good pounding. It’s a rough, but appropriately passionate fucking in which Clark slaps Kaden’s ass, leaving red marks as evidence. Clark fucks a huge load out of Kaden and blasts one over his shapely ass. They kiss again and EVERYONE is happy: Kaden calls it awesome, Clark has a proud satisfied smile on his face, and Austin sounds like he has a winner of a scene and a hot newcomer.

Danny Nelson at Helix Studios.  This 21 year old from Oregon  gets his first shot with platinum blond Jeremy Price who Helix tasks with finding out “what makes this new cummer tick.” In his interview Danny mentions his first time (on a high school trip to Germany) and what he likes. Candidly he says he likes it sensual AND rough! Specifically he likes kissing, hard fucking, and a little choking. Yes, as Helix Studios says, “Pretty spicy for a 21 year old!” And it gets Jeremy going.

Danny doesn’t just talk the talk either. He gets fucked in several positions and you can see in his face he’s pretty much in sexual ecstasy. He gets into all the increasing rough stuff and it seems to be the driving force behind the big load that Danny delivers. An Danny’s cumshot, along with his hole clenched on Jeremy’s cock gives him a huge orgasm. Sounds like a keep for Helix Studios.

Casey Jacks at Next Door Studios. The last guy in our spotlight isn’t exactly new as he has already appeared in two scenes (so far) at Corbin Fisher as Owen. Given that both sites film in advance we don’t know for sure who got Casey/Owen first. If it’s Next Door then they get credit for him. In his first appearance here he’s paired with Scotty Zee and they seem to get along very well. While less subdued than he was at CF Casey Jacks comes across as a friendly guy at both sites and that’s a good thing.

Here in his Next Door Studios debut Casey and Scotty seemingly can’t wait to get going guy. So much so that director Rocco Fallon finally relents and lets them go for it. Cocksucking leads to Scotty rimming and tonguing Casey who in turn BEGS to be fucked hard. Who could refuse that? Scotty fucks him hard from behind before Casey rides his cock with uninhibited energy, but it’s when he’s fucked on his back that almost cums right away. Scotty just keeps going. dfelivering a big cumshot of his own.  So, will Casey be back here? The description gives the probable answer: “As they embrace for one final sweaty kiss, Rocco asks Scotty if Casey should come back and the look on Scotty’s face says it all.”

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