Hot House’s The Trainer: No Excuses Part 3

The muscled-up trio of Austin Wolf, Johnny V and Jeremy Spreadums are featured this week at Hot House in the third scene from The Trainer: No Excuses! Their looks and bodies alone are reason enough to check out this scene but it’s also their combined athletic prowess and how they use it for a dynamic sex scene that makes this a recommended pick of the week. In fact if you haven’t seen any of this feature now playing at Hot House .

Austin Wolf is the trainer here, putting his clients Johnny V and Jeremy Spreadums through their paces with crossfit training: rope climbing,  leg lifts using those same heavy ropes (which come in very handy later), platform jumps, chin-ups and weight lifting. Several times during the workout Austin gets a little handsy so it’s no surprise that when they’re done we find them on the gym floor between the two heavy duty hanging ropes, kissing and groping each other, and taking off their shirts as they do. It’s a very hot sequence because it seems very natural as it unfolds: free-form and seemingly not choreographed. That said Jeremy is in the middle for a reason as the scene moves on.

Jeremy Spreadums gets on his knees between his muscle buds and after playing with the bulges in their shorts and sucking them through the cloth Austin Wolf and Johnny V finally slip their shorts down. Jeremy takes turns sucking their cocks with unbridled enthusiasm. Austin and Johnny grab on to the ropes on either side and use then for a little support as they lean back. We’ve seen three-ways like this before where one guy in on his knees taking turns on the other two but here it just seems fresh and new. There are moments that edge it higher on the hotness scale such a Johnny reaching over to tweak Austin’s nipples and both he and Jereny running their hands over Austin’s big muscle torso. Jeremy also deep throats Austin which gets him  big kiss from the tall muscle stud.

After they pull down his shorts Jeremy turns his attention to a very vocal Johnny V and bends over to suck his cock hotter. Of course Jeremy’s muscled butt becomes Austin’s target. On his knees he engages in one of his specialties: rimming, finger probing, and general ass workover. At the same time Jeremy keeps his attention focused on sucking the tan and ripped Johnny V. You might expect to see Austin Wolf then fucking Jeremy as he sucks Johnny, but director Nick Foxx and his stars   do something quite different.

We next see Austin and Johnny taking turns rimming Jeremy who is in a very interesting position. He’s on his back with his legs in the air as spread apart as possible  pulled back slightly with his ankles in loops of the heavy gym rope. He’s almost upside down as Austin and Johnny really give Jeremy the total rimjob and ass-play. Included is more of Austin signature style of giving his fingers for a bottom to suck. Here’s where planning, rehearsal and choreography just had to come into play. Jeremy also holds onto the dangling rope for support..and he needs for too.

When the fucking starts Austin Wolf goes first, giving Jeremy Spreadums a variation on the piledriver position. The ropes come in handy for him too for support as he drills down. The same for Johnny V when he gets his turn fucking Jeremy in the same position , although he is much louder. Jeremy not so much as his mouth is stuffed with Austin’s digits again. When Austin gets his turn he alters his position slightly turned for a little more leverage. Johnny gets another turn (with Austin standing by to watch) and so does Austin but this time they lower Jeremy slightly. And though he’s not flat on his back it looks like he has some pillow support. Both Austin and Jeremy are more vocal now too. Johnny stands by to watch too but gives Jeremy some deep kissing along the way.

AND…there’s more: A fuck train! Again using those ropes. Austin leans back on one of them while fucking Johnny who fucks a bent-over Jeremy holding the other hanging rope. It’s a very well-shot fuck train that tightens up with Johnny the meat in a fuck sandwich. It all leads to Jeremy Spreadums lying on his back, jacking off on the mat and he sure looks delicious lying there as Austin and Johnny jack off  over him.

 Johnny V shoots first in his dramatic vocal style, cumming over Jeremy’s taut torso. Austin Wolf pulls Johnny’s mouth over to his engorged pec and Johny’s keeps sucking on his nipple until Austin shoots HIS load over Jeremy with his signature flair. After he cums he’s still moaning loudly from his intense orgasm. Jeremy Spreadums has the thickest load, cumming over his lower abs ad his scene partners are noticeably impressed. Hot House sums up the post-orgasmic wrap up perfectly: The three spent hunks writhe on the floor with their cocks dripping as they kiss and bask in the afterglow of the benefits of a healthy workout.”

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