Cocky Boys: Cory & Peter

This week Cocky Boys welcomes another interesting personality, someone who isn’t defined by labels or expectations. He’s Peter Pounder and is welcomed to the site by Cory Kane in a flip-fuck scene that shows much of this label-defying. Right now we couldn’t even say if he’ll be back for more… even if it seems like he’s a good fit for this site that encourages individuality. Who knows he could even change his porn name (in fact we wish he would). Peter Pounder appears to be unpredictable in spite of his outward appearance.

In case you were wondering, Peter Pounder isn’t a newcomer and he comes to Cocky Boys with more experience than many others who are new to the site. He’s active online doing a variety of webcamming and he has been a featured model at MormonBoyz appearing in over two dozen scenes so far as Sorensen (in fact on twitter he’s also know as Peter Sorensen). In keeping with his defying labels Peter is bisexual and usually dominant. And yet he has bottomed…as he does here. That isn’t contrary to being dominant as you’ll see.

Although he’s a go-getter if he sees a guy he likes, Peter hasn’t ever done any full-on cruising (although he came close) so Cocky Boys gives him a chance to see what it’s like, albeit in a role play scenario. Cory Kane is the guy who he cruises and like the Allen King-Andy Star video it’s set in a park (we assume in Canada where Peter lives) and they engage in some kissing foreplay before Peter takes Cory home. Peter mentions in his intro that he likes kissing and that’s important because you see plenty in this scene. It’s in the beginning, and peppered throughout the scene so if you too like seeing this you’ll be very satisfied.

Back at the apartment the foreplay keeps the viewers on the edge because it takes some time before the guys get naked. Shirts are lifted and bodies are played with but they stay on . Even when Peter gets Cory on the bed and takes out his cock to suck him off they remained clothed. While servicing Cory, Peter holds his hands down in asserting his control. He does this in other ways such as taking off his shirt and later his clothes first, and guiding the course of action. He has such a sweet smile and innocent look you’d never think he was a dom.

When Peter gets naked and moves into a 69 position they don’t actually get into true 69. Peter sucks Cory’s big beautiful cock while he gets Cory to rim him. When Cory does get to suck Peter it’s because Peter has sat on his torso and fucks his face. And he continues driving the action by siting on Cory’s cock and riding him. When Cory finally gets the opportunity to “top”  Peter it’s not because he’s seized control. This looks like it’s all in Peter’s hands. It doesn’t mean Cory isn’t a hard-driving top, because he certainly is. And he drills Peter to the bed with authority.

Towards the end the scales tilt back as Cory Kane asks to be fucked, likely in the same manner. Peter obliges and pounds him on his side and missionary style . Eventually he fucks a huge load out of Cory before getting Peter deposits a thick load on top of him. Of course there’s more kissing as expected and it feels like these two are about to go their separate ways. But will Peter Pounder? Will we see more of him here? And with who? It’s a shame that Gabriel Clark has retired. We think that Peter would be a prime “deserving” candidate to be “Clark’d”.

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