American Muscle Hunks: Zack Daniels Debuts!

American Muscle Hunks has a hot newcomer this week who apparently they couldn’t wait to introduce. He’s Zack Daniels and his debut is a mix of a solo and behind-the-scenes footage for his video and photo-shoot. As the site accurately says, “Zack is too hot not to watch his every move and we wanted to share it with you. Observe him flexing, pumping up, doing the photo shoot and then blowing his load on the casting couch.” Check out the preview here.

In front of the camera Zack Daniels has a serious, almost intense look. And he really has his flexing and posing moves down which leads us to believe he’s probably competed in physique contests. He certainly has the goods too. He wears his classic symmetrical form and ripped muscles very well. And as you can see he has a large, intricately designed back tattoo.

When the posing stops and he relaxes somewhat and gets down to the business of jacking off we see much more of the personality behind the muscular physique. As we’ve seen before this is what American Muscle Hunks does often. It isn’t just about presenting guys with hot bodies who like to show off the goods. They may sure viewers get to see there might very well be something more going on. Who IS Zack Daniels? We may soon find out.

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