Falcon’s Code Of Silence

On Friday Falcon Studios Group announced the DVD release of Falcon Studios new summer blockbuster Code of Silence from director Tony Dimarco! In addition the individual scenes are available for download at the studio store while at the Falcon Studios membership site scenes are streaming over the course of the month. The first two scenes are up now, the next two are coming up during the week ahead, and the finale is coming July 21. As you’ve heard, the movie features (as per the press release) “horny Marines risking it all for love and sex. Director Tony Dimarco commands this extremely sexy desert unit to deliver action hotter than the desert they patrol.”

Indeed Dimarco has a very hot cast which includes TWO former Marines, Exclusives Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran, and several fan favorites and studio newcomers: Tommy Regan, Fane Roberts, Brandon Evans, Kyle McMillan and Pierce Paris. As we’ve seen Tony Dimarco, as the primary Falcon director, has done a great job upholding the studio legacy by channeling the classic brand and series through his own style, without being derivative. It’s no wonder then that the studio’s 45th Anniversary commemorated so well.

Tony Dimarco comments, “I was very fortunate that I was given such an amazing cast and a great location to shoot them on. Each of the men in ‘Code of Silence’ are either retired military or are familiar with a branch and it really brings this movie together to make it one of the hottest I’ve filmed in a while.”  As you’ll see the gritty and desolate desert location actually looks like it’s set in a bombed-out war torn country. And the director has used the backgrounds of the cast plus first-person narration to give Code of Silence a personal feel.

Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti adds, “It really doesn’t get more Falcon than this. Tony Dimarco had a vision to bring the fantasy of sexy military men getting it on while on duty to life and he knocked it out of the park with ‘Code of Silence’.”

 Code of Silence is described as follows: “The brotherhood of Marines has a code…a ‘Code of Silence’. What happens between Marines stays between Marines, and for this hot, horned-up platoon stationed deep in the desert there’s plenty to keep quiet: that no one dare speak of all the intense fucking and sucking they do.”

In the first scene Brandon Evans narrates, telling how he bonds with straight fellow soldier Fane Roberts and they develop a friendship as well as a mutual attraction over the course of a year. Fane makes the first move kissing Brandon and later they get alone in their barrack sucking each other off. Physically these two handsome and well-built performers are very well-matched and you really want to see them have sex. However they get as far as Fane cumming down Brandon’s throat. That’s because their surly sergeant Sean Zevran passes by the tent and can hear what he suspects are sexual moans. But because they quickly hide he doesn’t quite catch them together. But you can tell he knows when he confronts Brandon as he leaves the tent.

This first brief segment perfectly sets up the premise of the movie and three of the characters but the scene quickly shifts to two other soldiers assigned on patrol a few miles away from their base camp in a desolate: Ryan Rose and Tommy Regan. However there’s nothing going on here and Ryan is particularly bored, pissed off and horny. He starts jacking off on a military patrol and keeps trying to distract and annoy Tommy Regan. Finally to shut him up Tommy does as ordered: He shows off his ass for Ryan to use as spank material.

Of course Ryan doesn’t stop with just looking. He goes over to rim Tommy who gets into it and gets hard and soon enough he turns around to get sucked off.  “Ryan can’t wait to get Tommy in his mouth and treats his subordinate to a nice long blowjob as he leans against a shelled-out cement wall. All the sucking gets Tommy in the mood to take a taste of Ryan’s hard dick. He services the ripped stud on his knees until Ryan instructs Tommy to turn around. Ryan slips his big stiff rod inside Tommy’s tight ass and has his way with him as the muscled up military jock bends over to take it deeper inside his body. Ryan keeps a steady pace and uses Tommy’s perfectly fit form to get himself off. He pulls out and covers the military stud’s groin and abs with a river of white and creamy satisfaction.”

Ryan Rose turns in a 100% performance yet again and looks good doing it. Tommy Regan looks good too with added muscle and he does a very convincing job as a military professional trying to maintain his code of conduct as much as possible.

The second scene from Code of Silence is being shown out of order on the Falcon Studios site (it’s coming up on Monday the 1oth) but we have the colorfully written description and photos. It’s an all-oral scene with Sean Zevran and Kyle McMillan as follows:

“Sean Zevran and Kyle McMillan are on duty at a deserted post in the desert. It’s extremely isolated and Sean admits that he brought Kyle out to the middle of nowhere to help him relax. Sean commands Kyle to put down his weapon and open his mouth. Sean is already hard as rock and he slips his big, curved, uncut Marine dick inside his subordinate’s warm, wet mouth. Sean gets completely naked as Kyle continues to service the hunky stud in the hot afternoon sun. Beads of sweat form on Sean’s shaved head as he focuses all his attention on the amazing blowjob Kyle is providing.

“Sean needs a bit more relaxation and spreads out on his back. Kyle is into the experience and peels off his shirt to situate himself between his commander’s legs. Kyle doesn’t want to miss an inch of Sean’s nice stiff dick and uses his mouth and tongue to service Kyle’s big swollen balls and shaft. He licks and sucks until Sean moans out and unleashes his load. Kyle catches every last drop inside his hungry mouth and spits it back out onto Sean’s shuddering body and freshly serviced dick.”

The third scene, which IS online now, features the delayed fuck that Brandon Evans and Fane Roberts didn’t get to enjoy in the first scene. It begins with a video montage and a well-written narration which shows the stress of military life in its many forms. At this outpost the guys have a monotonous, regimented daily life and so it’s no wonder these guys need relief from it all. Our “heroes” gay soldier Brandon and straight soldier Fane find a place where they can be alone at last. They basically pick up where they left off going down on each other and looking hot doing it.

The excitement levels gets revved up with some intense rimming. Fane quietly but relentlessly tongue fucks his buddy and Brandon reacts as though this is the best he’s ever gotten. Sprawled on top of a blanket and on top of some old furniture or something Brandon Evans makes a perfect target for getting fucked which is what Fane Roberts does. He fucks with the same determination and gets encourage by Brandon’s vocal responses. In response:

“Fane wants to get a little deeper inside Brandon and he flips the stud around to get as far in as he possibly can. The deep penetration hits just the right spot and it makes Brandon erupt with an explosion that covers his toned stomach and chest. Once Fane sees the pleasure he’s given to his fellow Marine, he pulls out and makes an even bigger mess all over Brandon’s writhing body. His thick semen rolls out of his tip and pools up with Brandon’s juicy sweetness as the studs finish up an afternoon job well done.”

The 4th scene features Pierce Paris (aka Hartman) & Kyle McMillan back for more. Pierce so looks the part we wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn he too is ex-military. But as we’ve seen in other videos with him that serious look often belies a passion within…

“Kyle McMillan has a camera and he’s sneaking up on Pierce Paris in his tent on the military base to see what Pierce is up to. Kyle is in for a surprise when he finds his buddy fully immersed deep inside a FleshJack. Pierce pleads for privacy but Kyle insists that there’s no such thing in the military. Kyle offers up some help and when Pierce has his eyes closed, he slips the FleshJack off of Pierce’s stiff dick and starts using his hands and mouth.Pierce has no complaints and rolls with the new development.

“When Kyle sees that Pierce isn’t going to put up a fight, he gets more into the work of pleasing the hung stud. Kyle’s mouth and fist feel amazing enveloping the thick dick and Pierce takes off his shirt as the action gets more heated. Kyle comes up for some air and the two studs make out as Kyle gets out of his uniform. Pierce is so aroused that he’s ready for anything. When he sees Kyle’s uncut dick, he immediately opens wide and goes down to service the fit jock.

“Once he has his fill, he bends Kyle over and gets busy eating him out. His tongue goes deep and he loosens Kyle up for insertion. Pierce enters his toned friend and pumps away, even commenting on how tight Kyle feels. Pierce has Kyle lie back with his legs in the air for maximum penetration. The big dick goes as deep as possible while Kyle strokes his own rod to get himself close. Pierce says that he wants to make Kyle cum, and that’s enough for Kyle to let loose and cover his own body with pleasure. Once Pierce has done his job, he’s ready to finish up. His big dick explodes on Kyle’s face as sweat runs down Pierce’s muscled body. Kyle can’t get enough of Piece’s plump dick and continues to suck and taste the stud’s cum in the extreme desert heat.”

In the finale Sean Zevran and Brandon Evans finally have the confrontation hinted at in the beginning when the sergeant almost caught Brandon and Fane. As before Sean brings his military gravitas to his portrayal and such he’s very convincing. This is also a different side of Sean which we’re not used to seeing …and that is always a plus. Often we see many sides to Sean Zevran and it’s good to see it again. Predictability can be a real boner-killer and we never get that from him….

“Sergeant Sean Zevran comes up behind his subordinate, Brandon Evans, and grabs his ass. Brandon is taken off guard. ‘I see everything in in this camp,’ Sean says. ‘I know you two have been sneaking out in the middle of the night to suck each other off.’ Sean pulls Brandon’s pants off and asks if he likes sucking dick. Brandon denies it once but after a berating from Sean, he finally admits that he does indeed like sucking dick. Sean pushes Brandon to his knees and slides his thick, uncut pole all the way down Brandon’s throat. Brandon gets his face reamed and then takes a taste of Sean’s big low hanging balls. Brandon loves every second of the impromptu action and takes every inch that Sean has to offer.

“Sean bends Brandon over a table and rims his hot hole. The sergeant works Brandon’s ass and finally asks if he’s ready for his dick. Brandon yells out ‘Yes, Sergeant!’ before Sean slips his massive member deep inside. Brandon wants to please his superior officer, and the sergeant isn’t going to finish without having his way. He wants one more position to truly feel everything that Brandon has to offer. He gets Brandon on his back and enters the muscle stud to go as deep as he possibly can. The pounding makes Brandon blow his load all over his hot, ripped torso. Sean won’t be left out of the action and pulls out to drop his load all over Brandon’s well-worked and still heaving body.

As we mentioned at the top Code of Silence is a very good representation of the quality Falcon Studios productions being offered up for the 45th Anniversary. And the year is really only half over. Speaking of which we’ll take a look back at the first half of the year at Falcon, Raging Stalllion, AND Hot House. Stay tuned…

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