In July 2017 Part 2 : Spiderman & More!

In the next couple days some new preview trailers will be dropping from but before that happens we’re catching you up on a few trailers and videos that have been released since our last July preview. Most importantly this includes the first episode of Spiderman: A Gay XXX Parody . There’s also a new series featuring new exclusive William Seed, and several other scenes with other rising stars you should watch.

The new series Exposure starts off with another spotlight on the aforementioned William Seed, the handsome and very well-built newcomer who has turned out to be more than looks alone. Much more dynamic than we expected. Within the first two minutes of the scene he goes into a public restroom and discovers Jessy Bernardo jacking off, storms off, re-thinks his decision and comes back to grab Jessy’s cock, they’re caught by another guy who calls the authorities, and they run off into the nearby woods, their horniness undeterred by public exposure. With William lying back on a woodpile Jessy pulls down his shorts and goes down on him.

The sex in this scene is no genteel romantic romp either. After Jessy Bernardo goes down on William Seed he rides his cock as the muscle man rests on the woodpile. But then William power fucks him from behind as Jessy is braced against the woodpile and on his back on top of it. It’s a wildly hot sex scene that ends with a little twist and cliffhanger. While they’re fucking someone hidden from view is recording them with his cellphone. Just a pervy voyeur? Or someone with other intentions. Stay tuned.

As we mentioned before Spiderman: A Gay XXX Parody looks more based on the first franchise with the comic book hero. And as you can see is using the spelling “Spiderman” instead of “Spider-Man” which we think may be to avoid any copyright infringement. In part one director Alter Sin makes short work of Spidey’s origin, something we wish most mainstream movies would do when they do super-hero movies.  Here nerdy  Peter (Will Braun) gets bitten by spider while on his computer, passes out and wakes up the next morning looking hunkier and not needing his glasses any more. In a couple minutes Peter’s kindly uncle Manuel Skye is shot by a burglar before Peter gets home top save him with his emerging super-powers.

The story jumps ahead a few months after Peter has graduated and is on his own living with roommate/friend Harry Osborn (Tobias) who also turns out to be a rival since he’s dating Peter’s crush aspiring actor Mario (Aston Springs). And then there’s Myles Landon as Harry’s demanding father Norman Osborn, a wealthy man interested in Peter’s research who doesn’t think very highly of his son or his taste in guys. The set-up is basically just a gay version of the original until Alter Sin drops a twist.

As Peter confronts Harry about dating Mario we learn that Peter and Harry were the couple! While Peter was grieving, he stopped seeing Harry (because of his new powers?) who then turned to Mario in a loveless, sexual relationship. But Harry still has feelings for Peter and comes on to him. As you might expect the guys swap blowjobs  BUT there’s another twist. Myles Landon returns to the loft looking for the guys who hide themselves from him. Subsequently he leaves without suspicion but we’ll have to see. The guys finish up with a hot flip-fuck and two very substantial thick loads. AND of course complication not seen in the movie or comics. Wanna bet that Norman (Myle) isn’t just a super-villain (Green Goblin) but a horny dad too?

Also just released is the finale to Dream Fucker the dazzling, erotic and surreal return to porn for François Sagat. While there aren’t explanations for why François Sagat has invaded the extremely vivid wet dreams of Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci  when all is said and done it doesn’t matter. All three of the passionately erotic scenes are so well shot and performed you won’t care.

In part 3 Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci compare notes on their dreams with François Sagat and after they ponder having the same dream at the same time they seen to make it happen. The three way with these three incredibly sexy men is virtually perfect. If you’re a fairly new porn watcher and haven’t seen Sagat before this scene will surely drive you to check out his library of films. You will be happy you did.

Coming up this week is the first part of SuPERVisor which revolves around an all-male made service and Beau Reed as the demanding client. He expects “the whole fleet” to show up but only Teddy Torres arrives to set up. Right away Beau is dissatisfied with Teddy’s uniform (“This won’t do”) and takes a pair of scissors to the outfit leaving Tedy simply in a pair of cut-off white denim shorts. Beau also wants a different kind of service from Teddy and gets it. By the episode’s end Beau has been sucked, rimmed, and fucked and we can only imagine what’s next.

There are also two stand alone scenes this week starting with “Can’t Cancel My Cock” . Damien Kyle causes trouble when shows up too late for a porn shoot resulting in a cancellation. His co-star Brandon Evans is disappointed because he was looking forward to having sex with Damien. So they decide to go ahead and get it on, even though the crew is gone for the day.

And then there’s “The Artist” from Marc MacNamara in which Diego Sans is an artist’s model hired by Max Wilde. Diego’s first sign that there’s something amiss is that the artist wants Diego erect for the sitting. As it turns out the Diego’s erect cock is the only think that Max is painting and of course Diego fumes about it. He gets back at Max by giving him more than just a look: he gets the full force of some power topping.

Coming up: more from July 2017


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