New Faces For July 2017 Part 3

This week we have two newcomer spotlights because there are new faces coming your way in the next few days after this post. Pretty much the same thing happened last week when we wanted to make sure that all the various newbies weren’t all bunched up into one post.  There’s another twist too thanks to one new model who we probably will NOT be seeing again thanks to something that happened off-camera.

Kody at Sean Cody. It would be shocking is this week’s new face from SC was in a new video after this. Kody is tall, good-looking and has a good body and nice cock, of which he’s just TOO proud.  The site and the director of the day certainly seem to like him and give him a longer than average introductory video. He’s likely straight too given his non-committal pronoun usage. This isn’t ideal but that’s not the main reason he probably won’t be back. Kody admits he likes to masturbate in public and as it turns out he ‘s not discreet. As reported by Str8UpGayPorn he was convicted of exposing himself back in 2012 and is now registered as a sex offender. Str8UpGayPorn s Zach has all the details and ramifications. A good read as usual from Zach. Take a look.

Parker at Corbin Fisher . On a more pleasant not there’s this tall and lean blond college stud who’s an “ultimate frisbee player”.  It’s basically a team sport and it requires lots of speed and skill. In an unusual request Parker mentions wanting a free sandwich for his efforts. This isn’t Parker’s “hook” though. He has a cock that sees to get hard right away without it even being touched. As CF says, “…the whole time he was here, none of us ever saw his dick soft!” As it grows before the eyes of the cameraman Parker says he is “used to his cock having a mind of its own and is more than glad to just run with it.”

So yes, Parker doesn’t have to work to get it up. That said he puts some energy into jacking off and putting on a show. The end result is that he is a BIG cummer and makes sure to pump out every drop of of thick cum. We kinda get the feeling Parker might be back. Oh, and Parker gets his sandwich which we see him eat at the end of his video!

Callum at Chaos Men.  A handsome guy and “traditional” model who’s comfortable in front of a camera. But this was his first video. He’s also “shy and quiet”, a straight guy whose taste is pretty narrowed to fit, tan, blond and athletic type. He also likes then to do most of the work! Site owner Bryan refers to him as a “lazy top” type.  But he does get hard quickly and easily So Bryan sees him with potential as someone who will be easy to service.

“Unique thing for his video is I don’t think I have seen a guy smile as he was cumming. Even while ramping up he was looking into the camera with a smile. Maybe flashing those pearly whites gets the ladies going.” Stay tuned…

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