Sean Cody: Deacon & Asher And Landon!

Over the weekend Sean Cody released its second three-way with real-life couple Deacon & Asher and Landon, one of the site’s all-time hottest guys. We’re a little late but we couldn’t let one more day pass without talking about this scene and how it makes Sean Cody‘s summer line-up worth checking out.  We don’t always get some of the casting choices SC makes in some of their pairings but this one really does work and it’s a very pleasant surprise.

First, in the introduction the director states that Deacon & Asher only play around together so any scenes with them will have to be three-ways. We can also assume that Sean Cody will take extra care in casting guys to their liking and compatible. Although Landon admits being intimidated by the guys and feels the pressure of his first three-way he shouldn’t be. Handsome (you have to love his dimples), great body, hot cock, and a dynamic performing style even when he’s paired with not-so dynamic types. Plus he’s a fun-loving type …so compatible with Deacon & Asher.

Sometimes the intro scenes are filller but when they work …as happens here, then you know a good scene is ahead. It takes place at the park where we see athletic abilities on display and this is followed by a car trip to the studios. Here we find Deacon and Asher have a name fir the man in the middle: Lucky Pierre! That’s Landon.

Back on the SC living room set delicious three-way kissing turns to sucking and rimming…with lots of real chemistry moving things along. Landon is an equal partner in this three way and that makes a big difference. In their rim-train he’s in the back with Asher as the lucky Pierre,  and Deacon getting fucked at the front of the pack. The train becomes a pancake stack with Landon fucking upwards in a very energetic way. It’s simply hot to watch these guys and their perfect bodies in action.

Eventually the coffee table brings Deacon to fucking Asher on his back sucking and rimming Landon. Asher gets treated like a lazy susan and soon Landon is fucking  Asher as Deacon face fucks and kisses him. Asher gets swiveled around again but they change it up with Landon moving over to fuck Deacon. And so on… any more detail would be clinical. Suffice to say they switch things up again and again and keep this scene moving at an exciting level to some pretty thrilling cumshot climaxes.

As we mentioned Landon is an equal partner but you can also argue he’s the leader of the pack… both rounds of fucking. And at the end of it all he’s quite the happy camper. But so are Asher and Deacon.

Back to the action there’s a shower scene followed by round two in the bedroom and again there’s lots of excitement. Even with some of the best match-ups the second round can be a let down but not so here. And again we have to say that all three guys look amazing in all the various positions they take. Round two is also punctuated by a more very dramatic cumshots. At the end they linger on the bed, spent but very content and we get the feeling they know their scene is going to look great on the site.

The behind the scenes epilogue is also really good …which again isn’t always the case even in the best of scenes. Bravo to all!

Our Sean Cody Top Ten List gets another revision thanks to Landon’s scene here and Sean’s scene with Arnie just before it. By the way this was just plain disappointing. You may disagree but the match up just didn’t work. Arnie stepped it up more but just not enough in our opinion. Now to the list….

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (38)
4. Randy  (35)
4. Blake (35)
4. Brodie (35)
7. Jess (33)
8. Joey (32)
9. Jarek (29)
10. Sean (28)
11. Porter (27)
12. Dean (26)
12. Jamie (26)
14. Lane (25)
14. Daniel (25)
14. Landon (25)
17. Jayden (24)
17. Calvin (24)
19. Dennis (23)
20. Jordan (22)
21. David (21)
21. Pavel (21)
21. Harley (21)
24. Jack (20)
24. Liev (20)
24. Pete (20)
27. Jake (20)
28. Kurt (19)
29. Manny (18)
30. Shaw (17)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)

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