Cocky Boys: Jacen & Jack!

Jacen Zhu and Jack Hunter are just so perfect together that even if their scene was nothing more than basic sucking and fucking it would still be a hot scene. But of course this is Cocky Boys where there’s nothing basic or standard so you have to know that this Jacen-Jack video likely be one if THE top releases of the week. And this when it’s still early in the week itself.

Within the first few minutes of the introduction  you can easily see that Jacen and Jack are into each other and they’re pretty darn adorable and charming talking about it and what turns them on about the other.. Jack leans towards the more soft-spoken side while Jacen demonstrates more ebullience and is bolder in his candor. We especially like that admits freely and in a complementary way watching Jack’s videos and jerking off to him. It’s all very playful fun but in the blink of an eye they start kissing and it some serious passion is ignited.

Fans of naturally sustained foreplay will take a particular shine to this scene.  We venture to say that Jacen Zhu and Jack Hunter are excellent kissers. At the very last they’re compatible kissers because they spend lots of time doing that here …and throughout the scene. When shirts come off they’re still lip-locked. But eventually Jack partakes of two of Jacen’s finer attributes: his ripped abs and his beautiful bubble butt. Pulling own his pants and bending him over he deep rims him in the same fashion as his passionate kisses.

As in so many Cocky Boys videos the physical set-up here is key to the flow of the scene. All of the action here takes place on a simple white sofa but it’s neither static or predictable. And next to the sofa is a full-length mirror which gives the scene depth and some good reaction shots. For example as Jacen gets rimmed he can watch it happening and see Jack take of his pants and reveal his cock. Jacen’s eyes widen and his mouth drops open when he finally sees the real thing and his face is priceless. Jack gets his moment in the mirror too when he stands in front of Jacen and gets his cock sucked. At one point  he tips a glance so he can see his cock in Jacen’s mouth.

For all of his dramatic facial expressions Jacen Zhu shown no struggle sucking Jack’s cock. He not only sucks him with the same passion as his kisses but his mouth covers every inch. And that includes Jack Hunter‘s equally impressive big balls. You’d have to be insane not to include them while sucking him off.  Both guys do their share of moaning and groaning but not much in the verbal department. That works for them too because they seem intuitive to each other. You can tell Jacen knows how to suck Jack just the way he likes it. No words really, BUT Jacen doesn’t hesitate to look up at Jack and tell him “my turn”…and gets just that.

Jacen sits on the arm of the sofa and Jack gets on his knees to suck him. He too pushes the right buttons and Jacen Zhu leans back and accentuates the pleasure by playing with his nipples. Future scene partners of Jacen, pay attention! Jasck Hunter sure dies. When they both stand up and kiss Jack’s hands wader right to Jacen’s nipples. By the way, this sequence in which they stand together, kiss and stroke each other has one particularly effective camera view…looking up from the floor to show their similarly large cocks and their stroking each other in almost a balanced yin-yang.

In this flip fuck scene Jack goes for the bottom role first, surprisingly enough. He bends over the sofa arm but he doesn’t get fucked right away… Jacen rims him first. Then he gives Jack an unexpectedly hard topping, fucking him from behind with a fair amount of  glee. At one point Jack makes it even more visually exciting by laying back against the arm of the sofa, resting his upper torso on the seat and positioning himself to get the pile driver treatment. Far from being the gimmick that you might think is sounds like, it really works and the guys seem excited by this.

Jacen is still in control as he rides Jack’s cock but soon things begin to shift. Jack thrusts up into Jacen, then he fucks him standing up and then he fucks him on his back. That it took this long for this top-bottom dynamic to reach this point is arguably the biggest unexpected element here. The guys really make it worth waiting for! At the end Jack Hunter and Jacen Zhu are totally focused on each other. You can see the way Jack fucks Jacen that he’s hitting the target. As he starts cumming Jacenb cries out and then delivers a very thick,almost non stop load. Jack cums in almost the exact same fashion. Coincidence? OR, another sign of compatibility? Whatever the case they end up in another dreamy kissing session. What a match-up! Thanks Cocky Boys !

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