Titan Men’s Boom Part 2

The second scene from Titan Men‘s Boom has double significance beyond the fact that it’s a very hot scene. It features the return of exclusive Hunter Marx, after almost a year, in his 36th (!) movie for the studio. This scene also features the first Titan Men appearance of hairy stud Adam Thicke who as you’ll find out has a very apt porn surname. He’s already shot at least one other Titan feature so you’ll be seeing more of him soon.

The second episode from Titan Men‘s latest blue-collar/renovation movie Boom slightly continues from part 1 which featured Liam Knox and Matthew Bosch getting it on at the newest job site. Liam texts co-worker Hunter Marx that he can’t make an appointment with the Big D Construction Company foreman Adam Thicke so Hunter goes it alone …with the expected results that almost happen immediately and in a humorous way. Hunter meets Adam and he’s speechless as he’s mesmerized by Adam’s prominent bulge. When Hunter  asks “Jesus, does everyone at Big D have a big dick?” we finally get confirmation of  the hiring practices of Big D as Adam responds, “It’s a job requirement.”

In no time Adam Thicke takes out his uncut cock and Hunter Marx is going down on the quickly growing thick monster. Titan Men accurately describes Hunter as feasting on Adam’s cock as the hairy stud looks down with a pleased, semi-cocky smirk on his face.  Adam’s furry ass is also a focal point of Hunter’s interest because he turns him around and rims him.

In the early going Adam shows remarkable passivity but at one point he turns around and brings the handsome, bearded Hunter to his feet to kiss him passionately. It’s a move ANYONE would want to make ..and certainly sooner than happens here. That said Adam makes short work of taking off Hunter’s tank top, pulling down his jeans, licking his bulging jock strap (with his shaft peeking out), and taking out his cock to suck it. By the way it’s worth noting that in these days of countless designs of underwear the basic white jock strap is still totally arousing, especially when worn so well by sexy men like Hunter Marx.

Adam Thicke turns up the knob on his passion as he sucks Hunter’s cock and then turns him around to bury his face in his hairy, muscular ass.  He also stands and plants his cock between Hunter’s ass cheeks to tease him in a somewhat dominant fashion before fucking him against naked framework of the house’s future interior wall. Thanks to the house’s unfinished stage Hunter Marx is able to hold onto the two-by-fours for support as he’s fucked from behind. Adam isn’t a hard-driving top   but he doesn’t need to be either.

Adam finishes off Hunter as he lies back on a tarp-covered pile. But first he finishes taking off his jock strap which surprisingly is still around Hunter’s ankles. Adam strokes Hunter as he fucks him but soon his focus is just on plowing him till he shoots his load. For the most part the guys have remained relatively quiet during their sex scene but when they cum it’s another story..for Adam that is. Adam grunts and growls, getting turned on as his fucking makes Hunter shoot a thick load. Adam turns into a fuck machine before pulling out and crying out as a geyser sprays all over Hunter’s torso.

This ending  is really the first apparent sign they’re might be some fire smoldering inside Adam Thicke. More on the way? Stay tuned…And let’s hope we see much more of Hunter Marx . He’s so sexy all he has to do is make an appearance to make a scene hot.

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