Hot House’s The Trainer: No Excuses Part 4

This week at Hot House in the penultimate scene from The Trainer: No Excuses it’s Dakota Rivers giving boxing instructions to Josh Conners that raises their testosterone level to the breaking point. As a result there’s more sex on the gym floor and the guys extra use out of some of the equipment.  Such a functional gym! As we’ve seen this facility  serves up a variety of high-level private workouts and post-workout fun. Who wouldn’t want to join?

As with all the scenes in The Trainer: No Excuses there really is physical exertion and athletic skill that the performers go through. In his first skill drills Josh Conners aims and throws left-right power-punches at the sparring mitts held up by Dakota Rivers. And then Josh punches the hanging medium size bag held in place by Dakota, who gives him a little more vocal encouragement with sexual-sounding undertones” Faster!..harder!” In a relatively quick dissolve we see the guys are now shirtless, kissing and feeling up their hard bodies with their shorts tented by erect cocks.

Of course the cocks come out and Josh Conners is soon on his knees sucking off the long straight hard cock of Dakota Rivers. Perhaps unknown to many viewers is Josh’s deep-throating skill which he shows off here with great ease. He sucks Dakota down to the root and appears to have no gag reflex..or he and director Nick Foxx do a really good job of making it. What’s also hot to see is that Josh isn’t as one-trick pony. He sucks, licks Dakota’s balls, and changes up his speed with focused concentration while still stroking his own cock. And just when you think Josh needs a breather he keeps going on as Dakota keeps holding on to the chain of the punching bag and enjoying the pleasure

  Dakota Rivers DOES reciprocate by deep-rimming Josh Conners who has bent over , holding on to the medium bag with one foot on the heavy bag lying on the floor. In this position Josh’s ass gets the benefit of full access and he strokes his cock as Dakota goes to town. This goes on for quite some time before Dakota starts fucking Josh who holds onto the bag with both hands. Dakota is fairly relentless in his fucking and Josh shows he can take it. He adds some animalistic grunts and groans which gives the scene a little extra edge. This also compensates for Dakota who is surprisingly quiet in his power topping.

They wind up on the floor with Josh Connors lying on top of the heavy bag , grunting and groaning as Dakota Rivers fucks him relentlessly, shifting positions slightly in the process. They work up a sweat but still it’s Josh Conners who emotes the most pleasure, vocally and in his face and body language. The camera remains on his hot, tan body every muscle flexing as he starts cumming. He cums a lit and it lands all over his torso. He sits up and Dakota stands up to shoot his load. Here Dallas more than makes up for his relatively quiet performance with a huge, thick white load that splatters over Josh’s chest and torso. You could see this cumshot 20 feet away so seeing it as close as you do makes it all the hotter. It’s no wonder that as the guys kiss at the end director Foxx focuses on Josh’s cummy torso one last time.

Next week at Hot House is the unexpected FIFTH scene from The Trainer: No Excuses with Rex Cameron massaging Arad Winwin and worshiping his Herculean muscle body.


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