Cocky Boys: Ricky & Josh!

This week Cocky Boys reunites Ricky Roman and Josh Moore in a scene that’s arguably even better than their first scene…and that was the thoroughly hot three-way with Logan Moore! Of course you can attribute this hot scene to the talented, sexy guys themselves…AND their chemistry, which you see right away in the scene intro. As Ricky and Josh chat we learn they have a history and as expected they’ve gotten to know and like each other. They complement each other well but also sharing some common ground. And they put it bluntly with a smile on their faces “We’re nice guys…who like to fuck!” And they do it nicely!

The scene is set at night in a high rise apartment (hotel room?) so there’s a tone of intimacy and sensuality which Ricky and Josh accentuate with their actions., In the window they make out passionately and slowly take out their cocks and they seem to have no qualms about doing it in a window without curtains or dimmed lights. There could a  building across the street getting a free sex show ( Cocky Boys  intimated such a scenario before) but it seems Ricky and Josh are blissfully unaware. Their attention is on each other not putting on a show for some stranger.

They wind getting naked and Ricky Roman sits on the bed as Josh Moore stands before him to get sucked. And does he ever! Ricky is unquestionably one of the best as sucking cock, not just technically but aesthetically. Just as some guys are great kissers who clearly put feeling into it, so do Ricky when sucking and savoring cock. And you can tell Josh knows it but his genuine expressions of pleasure and the kisses he gives Ricky. Ricky spends a lot of time giving Josh’s thick cock oral pleasure while sitting there and you think he’s not going to stop until he drains Josh’s balls, but he does stop…only to change positions.

You may disagree but when Ricky Roman lies on his back, his head over the edge of the bed in order to get more of Josh’s cock. the scene gets even hotter. Ricky  virtually remains in the same position even though the action changes up several times. Josh Moore feeds him cock, he kisses Ricky, he has a brief 69 and Ricky even takes the time to lick ad suck his big balls. At the same time Ricky writhes and squirms, strokes his cock, and becomes another focal point of the action.

After all this Josh finally gets on top of the bed so Ricky can sit back and get oral pleasure. Josh Moore certainly gives back to Ricky some of what he go it and we’d say from Ricky’s vocal responses he certainly gets REALLY good head. Josh comes in for another kiss and a beaming Ricky says with sexual glee, ” I wanna get in that ass”. And so Josh gets on all fours to get the thorough Ricky Roman ass-rimming treatment. He buries his face in Josh’s crack and makes sure to attend to his cock dangling below temptingly.

When Ricky starts fucking Josh from behind and on his side you can see and hear the chemistry again. Ricky gets into a specific permission where they can almost get face-to-face position and in the midst of all this both Ricky and Josh Moore‘s vocal expressions of pleasure ring true and genuine, natural abd not for show.

The guys flip, first with Ricky riding Josh’s cock as he sits in the chair by the window. Yes, those curtains still aren’t closed and whoever is watching from afar or using binoculars must surely be getting on helluva show. And once again the way these two hot guys express themselves visually and vocally doesn’t seem at all to be “performance.” Josh Moore finishes off Ricky Roman by fucking him on his back on top of the bed and yet again it’s naturally hot. Ricky announces her’ getting closer and as a good top Josh makes sure to fuck him in such a way that he knows it will work…and it does.

The only slightly disappointing thing to viewers is that Ricky’s substantial cumshot is partially obscured by their bodies so close together. But we see enough and after all as long as Ricky Roman has a full orgasm that’s good. Josh Moore soon follows with his intense and voluminous cumshot which mostly lands on Ricky’s chest (he was trying for a facial while kneeling next to Ricky) But again their pleasure is our pleasure. Lastly, they kiss and linger in the afterglow…something which we like to see rather than a post-cumshot fade-out. Magic.



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