Dominic Ford AND Seth Knight!

Dominic Ford offers MORE than a helping hand this week in a first for the site. As we reported before DF is shooting on Fire Island again and part of his annual summer visit is a series with Seth Knight returning with BOTH of his boyfriends Cris Knight and Sean Knight.  Last week in the first part of this series we’ve dubbed “Knights On Fire Island” Chris and were featured and this week Seth is spotlighted in his own solo. Except it’s not.  The video is titled “Seth Knight: More Than Just A Solo” for reasons we’ll explain…

Seth Knight is making his 4th appearance at Dominic Ford but this is the first time he has a solo. He’s all alone in the hot tub playing with himself snd starts jerking off. As Dominic says , “Like most of our solos, I start to touch him and jerk him off. But Seth’s hand brushed across my thighs while filming, and he felt me getting hard jerking him off.

“His hand lingered, not sure if it was appropriate to touch me. But then my dick started getting harder and he started jerking me off. And then he starting giving me head. To be honest, this is not the first time something like this has happened while I am filming a solo. But it’s the first time I recorded it.”

So there you have it . Dominic Ford isn’t the first or the last director/site owner to become a part of his own videos but it’s a surprise to learn that in previous videos he went beyond the “helping hand” in participation.

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