New Faces For July 2017 Part 4

Our second newcomer spotlight of the week is a little different because it’s mostly focused on one site Next Door Studios and three guys who appeared there this week.  The other featured new face is a “teen jock” from Gay Hoopla whose first solo appearance is a bit of a head-scratcher in the way it unfolds. It also seems as though we’ll be seeing most of these new faces in some way or another.

Brandon Stone at Gay HooplaThis hunky 18 year old jock has a mature body but still retains that youthful visage. As GH says, “Great Body, nice kid.” There’s no interview in the preview trailer, just Brandon disrobing and sitting in a sun porch to jerk off. Alhough it appears he’s watching porn on his phone for “inspiration” he doesn’t cum until he’s in his bedroom alone.

After after he cums the cameraman comes in to catch some pics. Maybe he was a little nervous and couldn’t perform with a cameraman in the scene so they used a stationary camera? Gay Hoopla‘s thoughts? “Hopefully we can eventually get him to spread that virgin asshole. Keep your fingers crossed… I’m hoping we can get a 10 incher up there!”  There may be more to Brandon Stone than we think!

Donovan Wilde at Next Door Studios . This bearded, tattooed and muscular MMA fighter and otherwise athleticall activet fellow made his first appearance on camera this week but it wasn’t his first time “experimenting” with other guys. AND, he’s looking here to experiment more. A lot more! He doesn’t start with just a a solo. He sucks off relatively new Next Door exclusive Johnny Hill AND gets fucked by him. He takes cock like a champ and ends up lying next to Johnny and jacking off a good load. He’s VERY happy with the results too and definitely wants to come back for more.

Donovan’s mentor here Johnny Hill is also ambitious, wanting to do a lot more at Next Door Studios. According to the interview at the beginning Johnny has been very active filming scenes and hos goal is to become Mr Next Door next year. He may sound laid back but he’s having fun and Rocco Fallon promises he’s got more coming up.

Brad Payton and Xavier Cross at Next Door Studios.  This Next Door Homemade duo may turn out to do more for the studio as other porn amateurs have donein the past. Next Door says Brad and Xavier “have their little home camera system set up and are ready to give you a peek into their sexual exploits. Stripping out of their clothes, Brad sucks Xavier off as Xavier shoves Brad’s head further down onto his cock, gagging him with his meat stick as he eyeballs Brad’s bubble butt.

“Flipping him around, he tongues at Brad’s hole, moistening it up before plunging his hard cock deep inside. Brad takes it like a champ, pulling Xavier in closer as he continues to pound away. Switching positions, Brad flips over onto his knees as Xavier gives him some good hard backdoor action, fucking the cum out of him before pulling out and wetting Brad down with his own load.” Stay tuned…

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