In August 2017 Part 2

In our newest preview of coming attractions at we take a look at the launch of a very lively mini-series and a handful of stand-alone scenes and. Among those stand-alone scenes are two God of Men videos, one of which is a first for the intimate passion-themed imprint: a three-way! How does that work?

“Hands On Learning” features Johnny Rapid topping again and this time it’s Damien Kyle. Here, Damien is studying for his anatomy test and having  very hard time retaining information. So, Johnny steps in to give his friend a hand by stripping down to his underwear and providing his body as a “hands-on” guide. Of course Johnny gets hard and study time turns to sex. Who knows, maybe sex will help Damien clear his head for better studying! By the way, did you know that Johnny is getting closer to appearing in 200 videos at Yes, this includes some BTS videos so technically #200 is further off. BUT it’s a possibility.

“Blinded Love” is the aforementioned Gods of Men scene with a three-way. It’s a Alter Sin directed scene in which Aston Springs is blindfolded and becomes the object of desire for Diego Reyes and Myles Landon. If it all seems vaguely familiar it;s because the set-up is visually very similar to the director’s surreal Francois Sagat series Dream Fucker. Nevertheless, it’s very hot and shows the obvious: a three-way can be just as intimate as a one-on-one scene.

The other GOM scene “Poetic” features Sean Cody alums Colby Keller and Jacob Peterson in what we believe in their first one-on-one scene (they were in the orgy scene “My Whore of a Roommate”). Directed by Marc MacNamara there’s no plot here, just uninhibited hot sex.

The Couple That Fucks Together at first looks like it’s an anthology series about couples that periodically keep things interesting by going out, picking up a third guy and take him home for hot sex. In part 1 Jean Favre and Paddy O’Brian are the couple and Ken Summers is the hot young guy Paddy picks up at a club and brings home for a wildly hot good time. There’s more than meets the eye because as the couple falls asleep Ken sends a selfie out to a friend.

In part 2 we learn that the friend is Dato Foland who perhaps not so coincidentally has a three-way with loving couple Sunny Colucci and Hector De Silva. It appears that Dato is texting Ken all about his encounter and in another twist Ken now seems to be “kept” by Paddy. Undoubtedly a part 3 is coming when we should know more. More to come…

Then there’s “The Straight Stripper” with newbie Adam Thicke in the title role. Actually poor Adam is indeed of money and thinks he’ll make some by being a stripper at a gay club. However his gay roommate Wesley Woods thinks he doesn’t have a chance…especially after Adam gives him a dance preview. Wesley has a solution by offering Adan the money he needs…if he puts out. So Wesley gets what he wants: a topping from his sexy friend and Adam gets some dough.

Lastly, as we mentioned last time there are still some previews not yet revealed for upcoming scenes. That may change within the next few days so stay tuned…


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