Sean Cody: Bienvenido Hector!

New addition Hector returns to Sean Cody this week for one of the best action scene debuts in recent memory. The studly and hung Latin tops muscle hunk Joey and simply shows how it should be done. We don’t expect other performers at Sean Cody to replicate Hector‘s style but there are tops and the SC directors/cameramen who should take a few tips from Hector and Joey and this scene in general. Call it the art of seduction or just basic foreplay but it’s what has too often been lacking in many scenes lately.

 That sexy and endearing charm that Hector showed in his debut a couple weeks ago was quite real as we see in the intro with Joey shot at a pretty little parkHector doesn’t have to say much to let the audience know that Joey is his opinion many other viewers would agree with. Joey is also visibly charmed by Hector. Then they make out on a foot bridge, a sequence which unfolds perfectly. It’s also our first look at Hector’s seduction style. We assume that Joey is straight, maybe bi, but we don’t think he’s acting as seems to fall under Hector’s spell.

The scene cuts to the studio where instead of the expected making out, cocksucking, and/or jumping right into sex we return to Hector’s slow-burning seduction. With a naked Joey lying face down on the bed and his big muscled ass tilted up, Hector takes his time enjoying him. His thick, beercan cock is so ready to go Hector caresses Joey’s hard ass, the countours of his muscled back and shoulders. He nuzzles his neck, his hairy chest brushes Joey’s body and you just know that joey can feel his cock in his crack. His sighs become moans as Hector rims him and his hands continue to wander. It’s all just tantalizing beyond words.

Even when Hector is ready to fuck Joey he teases him just a little bit more by rubbing his cockhead inside his crack and against his hole. He reaches around to feel his hard pecs and looks like he’s ready to plunge in but holds up just a bit. Finally he slowly pushes in and Joey’s moans sound like he’s saying “at last”. Hector fucks him slowly, and uses his entire body to fuck him in as sensual manner as possible. Again, this kind of slow fully sensuous style is not in the wheelhouse of every top but it sure would be nice to see more often. Hector moves a little faster when he gets Joey on ll fours but eases up again when Joey in flat on his chest.

Hector flips Joey on his back to fuck him slowly at first (maybe by Joey’s request due to Hector’s girth?) and Joey lets out a grunting, moaning “ohhh…so deep” Hector does pick up the pace still very much connected to Joey, feeling his body and face. Hector turns into a power top, pounding Joey faster and faster, which seems to do the trick of making Joey cum.  Hector doesn’t say much but does emit some grunting as he turns Joey’s ass sideways and fucks him HIS way. It’s in this position that Hector blows a thick load.  Hector’s post-orgasm response is to kiss Joey again gently. Talk about a Latin lover!

This first part of the video is well over 20 minutes and would be totally satisfactory if it ended here, BUT there’s more.  There’s a shower interlude with more kissing that sure does feel romantic.  Joey is VERY convincing and really seems like he wants to show his sexual prowess by going down on Hector in the shower (by the way it’s a big shower area, reminiscent of the “classic” Sean Cody shoot house. After this Joey rides Hector’s cock as he lies back on the bed. We consider this Joey’s “go-to” position, possibly the one he likes best because he has some control…and as we’ve seen before he can cum hands-free like this. THAT doesn’t happen here but Joey does seen to get closer once Hector piston fucks his ass as Joey rides him.

The guys wind up against the wall where Joey is bent over, holding onto the side table as Hector pounds his ass relentlessly. By now Hector has really found the button to push and he fucks the cum out of Joey. How does Hector finish his spectacular fucking? He cums inside Joey and as his load dribbles out he pulls out and slides in again. There’s more romantic kissing, followed by Joey sucking Hector’s cock and back to even more kissing! So hot. Again Hector’s debut is exceptional and though he isn’t vocal here his performance makes up for that. And by all means give it up to Joey who reminds us it takes two to make a great scene. And by the way Joey moves up to #7 on the Sean Cody Top Model list, tied with Jess, the model who has yet to top Joey!

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