Naked Sword’s NSFW: Hole

This week Naked Sword premiered Hole, an indie short film to the site’s Naked Sword Film Works (NSFW) selection and according to the site it is the most watched movie on NakedSword for the past 3 days! Hole premiered at Sundance and afterward it won at a variety of film festivals. Described as “a highly acclaimed and moving portrait of a disabled gay man yearning for intimacy” and “a powerful film about an often ignored segment of the gay community.”

  The latest press release regarding director Martin Edrallin’s Hole says the “short film that gives voice to disabled people while tackling major issues around sexuality and disability. This powerful story is at times uncomfortable to watch yet impossible to look away from. It’s no wonder the film is has received over 2 dozen awards at film festivals around the world after being screened at over 100 international film festivals including Toronto and Sundance.

“The short centers around a middle-aged disabled gay man named Billy who suffers from Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita which makes everyday tasks impossible without the help of a caregiver. Because of his disability Billy feels alone in the world and yearns for intimacy and a sexual connection in a world that would rather ignore him.”

Billy is portrayed by actor Ken Harrower who the director met years before making the movie “and was instantly struck by the actors positivity in the face of so many challenges. Martin says of Harrower, ‘He came to set with a Pride flag hanging at the back of his wheelchair. I thought it was really badass that this guy, who likely faces all kinds of prejudice because of his disability, was publicizing his sexuality.’

“For Ken Harrower, the short gives a voice to a group in society that is often unheard. He himself has experienced people having difficultly looking past the wheelchair and his disability to see his true self, a gay man with sexual desires. Harrower puts it bluntly, ‘Disabled people are as horny as everyone else.’

Tim Valenti, President of Falcon Studio Group and the NakedSword Network says,”I’m very proud to have this film as apart of the NakedSword Film Works library, I think it’s a bold storyline and moving depiction of the sexual desires of a group of people who are sometimes overlooked by society at large, particularly sexually speaking. It should be mandatory viewing for all of us to remind us that we are more than just our physical body.”

As we mentioned Hole has proved to be a popular addition to the dozens of releases at Naked Sword‘s NSFW library. You can check out the trailer here.


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