Cocky Boys: Manuel Skye & Peter Pounder

As we’ve seen in his previous Cocky Boys videos Manuel Skye is very candid about his likes and what he wants out of a scene and his scene partners and this week it’s Peter Pounder who learns this. In the intro Manuel mentions that for him it’s all about the “visual”. He likes to look at his scene partners and watch them under his control. In the case of this scene specifically, Manuel really wants Peter to do what he says and to please him in every way. In short it’s all about dominance and control and basically Manuel gets everything he wants.

Frankly after seeing him in his first scene we didn’t think that Peter Pounder would the type to be dominated. But he certainly does follow Manuel Skye‘s commands. Interestingly, Manuel doesn’t start things off in an overtly domineering way. He just lies back on a lounge chair wearing nothing but shorts, rubbing his crotch and showing off his muscular superiority. Peter sits on a bed a few feet away and Manuel plies him with compliments getting him to put on a strip show. Peter does as he’s told from playing with his balls to standing on top of the bed to put on a muscle flexing show. As he does Manuel gets naked and starts stroking his big cock.

Finally Peter enjoys physical contact with Manuel by laying on his stomach at the edge of the bed and sucking his cock when Manuel stands before him. Make no mistake that Manuel is still in charge but he’s a passionate dom who kisses Peter frequently and deeply and with gratitude for his oral pleasure. Manuel’s seduction obviously has a goal but he gets there in a circuitous way. After getting sucked Manuel turns Peter around and starts to rim his smooth hole and he teases his crack with his cock. BUT, Manuel delays the eventual fucking a little while longer. Once again on command Peter stands on top of the bed so Manuel can service his cock.

Is Peter ready to be fucked yet? Not quite. Manuel picks him up and lies him on the lounge chair. Peter is almost in the same position as Manuel was at the beginning but the roles couldn’t be more different. As Peter lies back Manuel feeds him cock again and in one fairly swift motion he turns Peter over and after a little more teasing finally fucks him. It’s now that Peter Pounder really starts to feel the power in power top Manual Skye. And it’s just the start of Manuel moving Peter about the room to fuck him in a variety of positions.

From fucking Peter on the lounge chair, Manuel takes him over to the bed where he piston-fucks him as he rides his cock. He then moves him over to the full-length mirror to fuck him standing up. There’s probably a double-meaning here. Manuel wants Peter to see himself getting dommed and fucked and Manuel probably gets empowered by the same view. Manuel then fucks Peter on his back and likely gets one more power rush making Peter shoot a huge load.  It’s interesting because Manuel doesn’t just pill out and shoot all over Peter. Instead he jacks off while Peter sits on his face. The results are the same though. Manuel’s cock is a volcanic cum eruption.

At the end as they kiss again with undiminished passion we get the feeling both Manuel Skye and Peter Pounder got what they wanted here. And for this scene only we think Peter should be named Peter Pounded.



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