Titan Men’s Swap Debuts!

This week Titan Men launches its newest movie Swap with Matthew Bosch and Adam Ramzi, an inherently hot, can’t-miss match-up that features a VERY hot extra surprise. The movie itself has the “Palm Springs getaway” theme not unlike the recent bed-hopping action of Cum Laude but with a different premise. Here in Swap “open couples visit their friends for a fun getaway” with hook-ups galore with some very hot performers.

Director Jasun Mark efficiently sets up the movie as couple Matthew Bosch and Liam Knox welcome another couple Adam Ramzi and Steve Roman to their home. Liam notices that Steve is dressed for the gym so just like that they head out to work out. Matthew shows Adam to his room and in right away Adam wants Matthew to show him his much-talked about cock. He doesn’t waste also telling Matthew he’s in an open relationship, a situation that Matthew is also in. So, his pants come down, his half-hard cock flops out and Adam is on it…once he disposes of a little etiquette by fondling the cock and kissing Matthew.

Once he starts sucking Matthew, Adam learns what many have learned before: his cock only gets thicker and more veiny and he’s quite a mouthful…or a throatful for those skilled at the enviable deep-throating talent.  While Adam is at first very cut and dry about sex with Matthew they kiss often here and there’s a growing sense of affection between them…and they’re definitely enjoying their scene together. They smile frequently and Adam thoroughly enjoys sucking Matthew’s cock and giving him pleasure. The most obvious reflection of the affection comes as Matthew brings Adam to his feet, kisses him and pushes him on the bed for more passionate kissing.

Matthew Bosch soon sucks on Adam Ramzi who responds by getting more vocal.  Matthew flips Adam over to rim his ass…which is already slightly raised up for a big reception. Soon enough Matthew is ready to fuck Adam who’s at first very eager to get his big cock. Matthew slowly eases into Adam on all fours  but still Adam needs a little time to get used to it. If you want to really get a vicarious experience of getting fucked by Matthew Bosch, just watch Adam Ramzi‘s expressions and vocal outbursts. When he says, “Fuck, that’s big!” it’s a bit superfluous. For them, and the viewer there’s an extra bit of intensity as we and both guys get to watch themselves in a nearby mirror.

Matthew picks up the pace and fucks Adam faster and harder and when he flips him on his back Adam gets louder.  They save the best for last though as Adam rides Matthew’s cock facing him…but with his back top the mirror.  Adam can still turn around and get a look of his hole swallowing Matthew’s cock but his gaze is mostly focused on Matthew. If you were to walk into the room and not get a closer look you might think Adam was topping Matthew.

Adam is riding Matthew so deep he can hump Matthew with the underside of his cock. He periodically strokes himself but mostly Adam just lets his cock bounce around..until the end that is. While riding Matthew his slightly curved cock stiffens up and shoots a hands free load! Adam still doesn’t touch his cock. He keeps riding Matthew’s cock and you can tell by Adam’s vocal reactions that the cockhead is pressing on his prostate and milking him dry. It’s a totally hot surprise, a climax without comparison. His body simply quivers with a mild convulsion. AND its not over!

As Adam lies on his back Matthew Bosch gives him a facial that winds up in his beard and mouth. And you’ll see that Adam is back to stroking his cock as Mathew cums and bends in for a big kiss. As he does, Adam Ramzi shoots again! With Adam still panting Matthew looks in his eyes with a sexy smile on his face and tells him, “I think it’s going to be an interesting weekend.”

In the weeks ahead the rest of the Swap weekend unfolds at Titan Men. As you might expect the other halves of Adam and Matthew, Steve Roman and Liam Knox get back from the gym, shower together and fuck. As for the rest of guests Tex Davidson and Hunter Marx get together in the third scene, and we’re assuming their partners played by Luke Adams and Adam Thicke fuck in the finale. Stay tuned…

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