Falcon Premieres Route 69!

Falcon Studios has released the first scene from its new movie Route 69, described as an “inspired mega-release” from director Tony Dimarco! This first scene features Johnny V as a mechanic and Nate Stetson as the attendant at remote gas station who get it on while customers (and the movie’s protagonists) Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway, look on while waiting for their car to be fixed. It’s the first of SEVEN scenes from Route 69 all to be released on the site in the weeks ahead. In addition Falcon has announced that members of Falcon Studios.com “will have a chance to win a limited edition ‘Route 69’ t-shirt starting August 7. A special mini-site for the release and ‘Route 69’ t-shirts, DVDs and downloads arrive on the Falcon Studios Group Store August 11.”

As we’ve mentioned before director Tony Dimarco is a master at channeling the “classic” Falcon brand with his own modern twist, sometimes reviving a series in the process but not being derivative or redundant. With Route 69 it feels like Dimarco is taking this up another notch. The description for the movie certainly promises as much:

“The series follows college buddies Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway, who set out on a casual road trip down California’s legendary Route 66, but little do they know it will be a journey the will never forget. As they drive their Mustang convertible through the desert, the conversation turns to sex and Fane confesses he spent one entire summer jacking off to his favorite classic Falcon porn scenes. As he describes the action to his horned-up travel companion, the radio experiences interference and starts playing 70’s gay porn music. Suddenly, Route 66 becomes ‘Route 69’ where classic gay porn scenarios come to life, reenacted by today’s hottest stars.”


As for the opening scene Tony Dimarco says, “I’m excited to finally release ‘Route 69’ with the opening gas station scene between exclusive Johnny V and handsome Nate Stetson. These guys threw it into high gear and gave us a turbo charged performance. I urge fans to keep an eye out for the classic scene references in this and all the updates from ‘Route 69’. I couldn’t be happier with how my vision for this passion project became a reality.”

Actually the “classic” references appear right from the start with a older version of the Falcon video intro. As we’re introduced to friends Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway driving down the desert highway they start talking about their mutual interest in classic porn.  And on the screen Tony Dimarco throws in some clips of classic Falcon scenes and performers.  And as described above the radio music changes signalling that perhaps we’ll be seeing some of these clips in upcoming scenes. Better yet it invites you to check out the classic scenes on the site. In addition it feels like a porn version of the Twilight Zone where the guys have entered a time warp, inexplicably running low on gas and a unable to use their GPS technology.

In the middle of nowhere they pull into a gas station with old time gas pumps and attendant Nate Stetson sporting a big ol’ porn mustache. Even his name sounds old school. His dialog is riddled with thinly veiled sexual innuendo and director Dimarco throws in some sexual symbolism when he starts talking about the problems with the car besides the low gas level. He calls out Johnny V playing the mechanic Cal (referencing classic semi-lookalike performer Cal Jensen?).  There is some fun here detecting finding the Easter eggs and classic references. So we won’t spoil them all for those who want to discover them on their own. But do check out some of the details in the gas station and the license plate on the car, as well as the make of the car .

Inside the garage Johnny V and Nate Stetson continue with the purposely stilted and outwardly sexual dialog and right before the eyes of Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway. Finally, the blue collar studs go from talking about sex to doing it with an undertone of classic disco beat porn music. Of course since technology is more advanced you’re not going to see grainy film or lower resolution video quality in the scene. And both Nate and Johnny drop the old school sex talk in place of the current mode. They swap blow jobs and Johnny gets rimmed and fucked on the hood of the car before they finish up on the garage floor. AND they apologize to their audience of two.

The scene ends with a  Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway back on the road, still incredulous at what they just witnessed, and off to another adventure.  Speaking of which that next scene (although it’s supposed to be scene 3) comes on Tuesday August 7 when the guys take a break at a rest stop. There Dustin has a restroom encounter with Derek Maxum which involves cruising and a glory hole. Next Friday August 11 (in the actual scene 2)the guys spend the night at a motel where a horned up Fane complains to manager JJ Knight and wins up getting fucked by him.

And in the weeks the hook-ups continue. In part 4 the guys stop at a diner on Route 66 where Fane Roberts and the waiter Ryan Rose hook up with Ryan fucking Fane over a table in the diner. In part 5 the guys run out of gas again and hitchhikes into town to get more. Lucky Fane gets a lift from Alex Mecum and sucks him off by the side of the road. While Fane is “busy”, in part 6 a bored Dustin Holloway jacks off and out of nowhere Sky Knox appears to help him out by fucking him by the side of the road. In the finale the brewing sexual tension between Fane and Dustin comes out at the next motel stay where they “create their own steamy hot fuck-session worthy of becoming a true Falcon classic.” Stay tuned! More previews to come…

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