Hot House: One At The Ready Continues…

 As One Night At The Ready continues this week at Hot House with another VERY hot scene, this time with Austin Wilde and Fane Roberts. Director Chi Chi LaRue’s new feature started out strong last week and continues that way…with an extra twist. We won’t reveal it here although you might figure it out early by the way this episode unfolds. Either way it doesn’t effect what think is an really good match-up.

Like the first scene from One Night At The Ready this week’s release starts off in hotel bar The Ready where bartender Jack Vidra is witness to all the hook-ups that take place. Again he breaks the 4th wall and talks to the audience (in the form of an unseen customer) about the coupling we’re about to see. Austin Wolf, wearing a tie, glasses and VERY tight shirt is texting on his phone when he’s interrupted by Fane Roberts….who whispers in his ear. Austin hands him his room key, Fane departs and Austin follows within seconds. AND, before we leave the bar another new customers arrives, setting up next week’s encounter.

  When Austin goes to his room Fane is already naked lying on the bed, ass ready for action. There’s a little hesitation on Austin’s part as he approaches the bed and Fane takes the lead by removing Austin’s glasses. They kiss in a slow sensuous manner as they get on the bed and Fane seemingly continues to drive the action.  He’s virtually on top of Austin Wolf, kissing his half-exposed muscular torso. At the same time Austin, who is always an ass man in his scenes has reached around to feel up his crack. Fane Roberts then swings around on all fours and plants his bubble butt on Austin’s face four rimming and finger probing.


 There’s a mirror in the hotel room that Fane periodically looks at as Austin keeps focused on his ass. At one point though Fane bends forward to unzip Austin’s trousers and take out his rigid cock to suck him. Their “half-69” goes full 60 when Auatin gets up, finishes getting naked and moves back to suck Fane as Fane does him. During the course of this Austin starts to take control a little bit at a time. At one point they’re jerking each other’s cock but soon Austin has Fane lying back getting totally serviced.

 The scene shifts to Austin’s cock tapping Fane’s crack and you hear Austin’s quiet but commanding voice saying , “Yeah, you want that?” To which Fane of course says in a breath;es voice, “yeahh”. And so Austin fucks Fane doggie style at the edge of the bed. Austin Wolf is clearly in control now, fucking Fane Roberts harder and faster…as Fane gets louder and more verbal.  Austin slams it in deep and then turns him over.

 Austin resumes fucking Fane on his back in a very strong and steady fashion. And as they fuck the bed springs squeak in sync with them. We wonder if Chi Ch LaRue purposely chose this bed or this hotel room because the loud, cheap squeaking contributes to the sense this a one-night stand. It doesn’t look like Austin is going to stop at all until Fane shoots but he does and moves his face under his balls.  As he licks there Fane jacks off a big explosive load which splatters over his ripped abs.

 Austin’s always intense cumshots are always worth waiting for here is no exception. After he licks a little of Fane’s cum he kisses him and then stands up to jerk off a load over his face and mouth. He keeps pumping his cock and Fane Roberts intensifies the moment by sucking and sucking on Austin’s sensitive cockhead.  It’s the loudest that Austin gets. After what seems like a final kiss, the scene ends with the two guys lying together on the bed kissing again . And one more little twist is revealed. And both guys are satisfied …in a couple of different ways!

Next week Skyy Knox finally gets his scene after appearing the first two parts as one of the bar customers. He’s paired with Jason Vario in his Hot House debut playing a construction worker opposed to Skyy’s businessman character. You’ll see they’re going to have a very different kind of encounter, born of conflict. Stay tuned…


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