Bel Ami’s Summer Break 10!

As Bel Ami continues its wildly popular series Summer Break they have a group sex scene this week…with a fan favorite. We have no idea how the studio will be wrapping up this series but we have a feeling there will be some pretty major scenes like this week’s two-part fourgy. Also this week Bel Ami has another photo gallery with a hot new model with a hot bod.


SUMMER BREAK 10: With Jeff Mirren, Roald Ekberg, Helmut Huxley and Marcel Gassion. “Helmut Huxley, as the center of attention in this group flip fuck. This two part scene, which started yesterday, begins with Helmut getting the chance to top 3 of our most stunning boys: Jeff, Roald, and power bottom Marcel. Helmut is noticeably having the time of his life taking on these three BelAmi studs at once.

“In Part Two, we see Jeff, Roald and Marcel get the chance to have a turn at Helmets beautiful ass. These very talented bottoms show that they can give it just as hard as they take it. The chemistry between all 4 guys is palpable and the action itself is first class throughout. This is an instantly classic BelAmi fourgy that should not be missed!”

Once again Bel Ami has the best of both worlds: beautiful scenery and beautiful men. Actually the action moves about in this two part scene. At first the guys move a large bed on to the green grass and under the shady trees. It comfortably fits all four models and one would expect to find them there throughout the scene. But they do move over to the covered patio and a somewhat more compact outdoor wicker sofa. Either way the cameras provide lots of close-ups abd wider shots of the gorgeous foursome.

Speaking of the models, Bel Ami cast four different-looking guys for the scene rather than a quartet of clones. And yes we can certainly see why Helmut Huxley is the center of attention. The floppy haired young man looks better and and we have a feeling when he has his hairdo changed to something more refined he’s going to blow people away. Speaking of aging well Roald Ekberg’s body also looks hotter every time we see him. He’s going to be one hot man.


MODEL OF THE WEEK: With Jean LaBete. “After a very popular casting a while back, we are happy for the return of Jean in this photo session. Jean is a bit more muscular than most of our newcomers, but he still has a softness to him that renders his body very pleasing. By looking at his hands, you can tell Jean’s muscle is not just for show, but is put to good use daily with healthy manual labour. He is cute, has a nice dick and is topped off by a pleasantly furry butt. We hope you enjoy this 2nd outing of Jean.”

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