American Muscle Hunks: Introducing Sean Magyers And…

This week American Muscle Hunks introduced Sean Maygers, an incredibly sexy man who we think demands your attention.  Fortunately there’s more of this guy to come in what we think might be his one-on-one scene. AND it’s with Johnny V  who may be in in his best shape ever these days. Speaking of which we’re starting this post backtracking two weeks to Johnny’s latest solo which may rank as one of his best solos ever….here at American Muscle Hunks or anywhere for that matter.

As American Muscle Hunks stated in the release, simply but deceptively titled “Johnny V”, “Johnny V has been working his hardest ever in the gym and wanted to show his progress while he also demonstrates his new electric cock pump. After pumping and flexing his throbbing cock looks like it is going to explode so he pulls it out and finishes it off with an explosive cum shot.”

Right off the bat as you see Johnny V lying in bed you can tell he’s added size to his pecs and his body overall but still is as ripped as ever. His solo starts off with some jacking off, slapping his cock on his palm, and a little extra lube. He virtually seduces the viewing audience simply in the beginning of the episode. But as the description tells you there’s more.

Johnny also puts on a colored gel cock ring AND then another one which makes him stream precum…which he licks up of course. And then he brings out  the cock pump! It’s an improved high tech version of the old style cock pumps that required more manual action.  With his cock rock hard and being pumped Johnny flexes his guns, plays with his chest and nipples. He seems to take off the pump to finish jacking off and though we don;t see it in the trailer you have to imagine it must be hot. Check out the preview here.

Newcomer Sean Maygers is described as “a man with ripped, bulging muscles, tight washboard abs, massive cock and nuts, a dashing smile, and an ass that never quits.” and they go on to say that once you watch him in his solo, showing off and getting off “you will fall for him just as fast as we did.” Indeed we did. Check out his preview here.

Sean Magyers is dark-haired with a trimmed goatee and very riveting eyes. He’s of the variety of guys who can look at the camera and make contact with his unseen audience. He’s lean-muscled and strong looking and by the way he flexes and poses it’s clear he’s a showman.  Then there’s his cock: it’s long and thick AND his has big balls that do quite a long off bouncing around as he lies back and jacks off. And as a good showman he expresses sexual pleasure very well.

While Sean Magyers is new to American Muscle Hunks you can also find him at Flirt4Free which would explain his showmanship. He’s also got some VERY interesting personal info which bodes well for the future. He says his fantasy is “I want to just be tied up and let go of all control.”  His obsession/desire? “Don’t mind using my butt plug (his sex toy of choice) or dildo on myself.” His fetishes have involve some kink too. Will any of this come up in his follow-up scene  at AMH?  Hard to tell.  At the very least he tops Johnny V. Release date? TBA.

Lastly on the subject of future videos Rex Rogers will be back soon at  American Muscle Hunks, paired with super-hot Randy Joe. As Rex posted, “Can you imagine what kind of trouble and I just got into? Find out soon with our new scene” Stay tuned…


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