Guys In Sweatpants: Austin & Clark!

Guys In Sweatpants has released what the site is calling the “long-awaited” video pairing up Austin Wilde and Clark Parker! In the same breath the site says that the video “does NOT disappoint!” That’s a pretty bold declaration but you know what? Of course it doesn’t disappoint! In fact in several ways it exceeded our already high expectations of seeing these two sexy men together. It’s one more reason for us to say outright that Guys In Sweatpants is the comeback site of the year.

Austin Wilde and Clark Parker and start off the scene up in the mountains, hiking, working out, playing and otherwise bonding. Austin even shows Clark how to skip! In other words there’s genuine camaraderie.  And of course it’s got plenty of visual foreplay for the viewer as the guys are shirtless throughout the sequence showing off their beautiful bods and their athletic prowess.


Back at the house they get right into it. Austin pushes Clark on the bed, jumps aboard and starts kissing him. If you don’t see the chemistry here right from the start you’re blind or stubborn. Austin eventually gets Clark’s growing cock out of his pants and sucks him, bringing a smile to Clark’s face. He does it very often which will tell you that he’s certainly happy to be here and to get fucked. As the site says, “You’ll never again see a bottom getting fucked with a huge dick who smiles as much as Clark does in this entire video.”

When Austin goes back to kissing Clark with even more genuine passion it’s even clearer Austin is into him. He’s still wearing his sweatpants and grinds on Clark. When he sits up Clark sees Austin’s cock is fully tenting his pants and he’s eager to suck it. Of course he does and Austin too is smiling. He lightly face fucks Clark but goes back to kissing him before returning his cock to Clark’s mouth.  Austin goes back to kissing Clark and sucking him which is just what we like to see. More foreplay before the fucking begins and building anticipation.

Austin bends Clark back to rim his ass and then sit on Clark’s face to get some ass-eating of his own but this is the last stepping stone to fucking. Austin slides into Clark on his back and the look of pleasure on his face and his breathless moans are everything. Love watching him run his hands over Austin’s ripped torso and washboard abs.  We also get a good reminder of how good a top Austin Wilde is. He’s making sure to kiss Clark Parker and play with his cock. Clark remains on his back through most of this sequence although they do shift around a little as Austin finds Clark’s spot.


Clark is also a good bottom in the sense of expressing pleasure and giving Austin direction. He also knows what to say. At one point he tells Austin, ” That’s the biggest thing that’s ever been inside my ass.” It’s like he’s inviting Austin to plunge in deeper…which he does.  Austin fucks Clark doggie style but it’s when he has Clark almost pinned to the bed and he gets into an optimum topping position that it looks best, especially later. Before that picture perfect position Austin starts pumping faster as Clark’s moans get close to sexual whimpers.  And Austin cums inside him. BUT he’s not done. As Austin says, “we’re not done though”,”

He slides back into Clark to keeping pumping and their muscular bodies look so good together it may put YOU over the edge. Austin finishes of Clark by fucking him from the side (or a three-quarter position if you prefer) Again Clark’s smile expressing pure pleasure is so hot to see. But it doesn’t vanish when he announces he’s ready to cum. As he cock spurts out a good size load that lands all over,  it’s Austin who has the broad smile of delight. Clark keeps jacking his jock until he’s milked out every drop and that seems to push Austin over the edge again and he cums again while deep inside Clark.

The camera lingers on these two studs longer as the bask in the post-sex euphoria, kissing, Austin feeding Clark cum and their bodies still wrapped together. When Clark smiles and purrs, “ahh, that felt so good” you know he means it.  And when they kiss again you know they BOTH mean it.

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