In August 2017 Part 3

In this relatively brief update on upcoming scenes at we take a look at the launch of two upcoming series and we update you on a scene that inadvertently became an viral sensation and gave certain actress 15 minutes. We’re of course talking about “Right in front of my salad?”, the line spoken by Nikki V in the episode of the site’s Private Lessons. The delivery of her line in that scene became a popular meme, the studio renamed the video AND is likely going top give Nikki another video appearance.

You probably already know about the scene in which Jaxton Wheeler hires private chef Jake Porter to make a surprise dinner for his wife Nikki V. Unfortunately Jaxton didn’t read the and correctly because Jake is a naked chef. But he lets him go ahead anyway (wearing an apron) and in true porn fashion Jaxton can’t resist Jake. They suck cock and Jaxton fucks Jake in the kitchen. Lo and behold the wife shows up as her special salad is served and sits at the counter. But she gets wise to the fact that they’re fucking says with proper indigence. “You guys are fucking? Really? Right in front of my salad?” And she leaves in a huff, on her way to meme fame……and giving Jaxton and Jake the chance to finish.

The “Right in front of my salad?” meme went viral on Twitter and Tumblr, became a phrase for a expressing any outrage, followed by more variations.  The whole thing exploded on all kinds of pop culture blogs and in  indie news. Subsequently a few days ago changed the title of the video to…you guessed it… “Right In Front Of My Salad?” AND the studio has offered Nikki V another scene. We doubt they’ll try and use the same line but hopefully giver a new phrase to make popular. Stay tuned.

As we mentioned last time there were a few blank spots in the schedule for these first two weeks in August and two of those slots have since been filled. First up this week  is Look What I Can Do a new Marc MacNamara series starring Diego Sans as a man whose “home entertainment” porn-watching needs are simple and VERY old school. He hires “actors” to have sex in his bedroom while he watches the live show…and jacks off In part 1 he whispers “action” like a director and Cooper Dang and Ian Frost suck and fuck in front of his eyes. The trailer for part 2 isn’t up yet but we assume it comes one week later.

AND, this weekend in the first part of Breakfast Cub: A Gay XXX Parodya take off on the John Hughes teen dramedy! No it’s not a misspelling. In this story the guys staying after school are all cubs, including bad boy Teddy Torres. When teacher Mick Stallone leaves the detention room, Teddy takes out his cock  and shocks the the other students. Mick catches him, brings him to the other office. The twist is that the teacher doesn’t discipline the student. Mick wants and gets Teddy fucking him. Looks good!

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