New Faces For August 2017 Part 1

Our first newcomer spotlight of the month features four well-built guys for whom working out and/or athletics is a big part of their lives. They’re also well-hung with one guy actually having a unique birthmark. But what sets this week apart from other newcomer spotlights is that three of the four guys have something very important common: Corbin FisherOne guy is this week’s newbie, the other two appeared at CF. So technically there are only two true new faces this week.

Derick at Sean Cody. A handsome, well-spoken guy that works out a lot and calls himself a “very big pleaser”. In other words he likes to make sure his partner (he doesn’t give the gender) is getting pleasure. It’s not so easy because he’s hung thick. He seems open enough about having scenes with guys but he just doesn’t sound like he’s excited about it. His cock stroking is very deliberate and focused which could be good if he does a scene with guys. BUT….

Derick has appeared previously at Corbin Fisher as Liam…in a solo and straight sex scene. The straight sex scene was what we predicted about Liam who was pretty soft spoken then as now. Does Sean Cody still prefer models who haven”t done other work? If so we may not see more of Derick. UNLESS…he’s already filmed another scene . stay tuned..

Warren at Corbin Fisher. A big guy in every way, Warren is also pretty soft spoken and polite. But he soon gets rid of his first-time nerves and gets more conversational. When you look at him it’s really hard to imagine he’s only 18. It’s even harder to imagine when he says it’s been two weeks since he jerked off. Apparently he doesn’t do it as often as you might expect. Someone should tell him it’s healthy to jerk off.

For all his being quiet Warren is livelier than expected. “Once his pants are off and his dick is in his hands, Warren’s stud switch is flipped on and the exhibitionist in him comes out! He makes full use of the room to show off his body in every angle, finishing off with a big thick load – two weeks in the making!”  It IS a big load…that just seems to go on forever. Jerk off more often Warren!

Nicholas Duff at Chaos Men.  Bryan comes right out and says this guy has done video work before and again that’s Corbin Fisher where he appeared simply as Nicholas in 9 scenes. Definitely versatile as a performer even though he’s straight (he likes women’s asses) Then as now with CM, Nicholas is tall and well-built, and he looks older than he is.  done video work before, so I was pleased when I got an email saying he was looking to do some videos with ChaosMen.

“Nicholas was very comfortable in front of the camera. He gets his cock hard quickly by tugging on it. He seems to love to squeeze all the blood to the tip of his head, making it all engorged and dripping with precum.His cum shot is awesome too!I had him setup to do an oral video the next day, but things got out of hand, so stay-tuned next week to see him in full-action!”  We’ll be there!

Kyle Holmes at Gay Hoopla.  This 22 year old is handsome, has a hot body (6′ and 200 lbs) and seems genuinely nice and laid back. He’s a friendly guy, very comfortable at showing off the results from his working out. He’s also serious about his fitness. Apparently his body inspires people to grab him all over which begs the question, where is he going and what is he wearing where people feel free to grope him?

Kyle says he’s as grower, which he is, Plus he has a n interesting birthmark on his shaft. It’s the equivalent of skin without pigment. In his debut, “Buff Blonde Kyle Holmes Fucks The Couch in Cum Solo” he does just that. He fucks in between the seat cushions. When he finally cums he doesn’t lkinger. He jumps right up and is ready for…? Stay tuned…

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