Cocky Boys Launches Camp CockyBoys!

Cocky Boys has premiered their new six-part series Camp CockyBoys with a wildly hot first episode pairing exclusive Sean Ford and Colby Keller! This seemingly incongruous match-up actually makes sense when you see it unfold and it fits very well into the premise of the series. Camp CockyBoys is subtitled, “The Summer Camp you always wished for” and it looks like it’s going to be fun as well as hot.

The premiere episode starts off with an introduction that explains from where the name for the  Cocky Boys country estate came. Many scenes and series have been filmed here but it never seemed to have a definitive title ..until now.  You’ll also see lots of great footage from the Cocky Boys 10 year Anniversary Pool Party from June. Given all the models and friends who attended this party undoubtedly played a role in the pairings and likely inspired putting then together for a Camp CockyBoys series.

As we mentioned the introduction shows the “camp life” with all the activities like swimming, canoeing, games (remember the pie-eating content at the party?), and more. The intro also serves as a really well-executed set-up for the first scene. Many of the guys are gathered around a camp fire roasting hot dogs (yes, there are some jokes here) and Sean Ford asks the guys if any of then have hooked up during the weekend. No one is quite ready to spill the beans so they make Sean confess first and he tells them it was Colby Keller. The reactions are mixed as you might guess but Sean goes ahead telling the tale.

In the “flashback” we learn right away that Sean Ford has had a longtime crush on Colby Keller well before they met. Colby also represents a few firsts for Sean. Colby is his first real “MAN” type and his first time with as full bearded guy. There’s also a lot of camaraderie between them in their pre-scene chat. After that we see something of a fantasy played out. In the middle of the woods Colby is sleeping on a full-sized bed and Sean approaches. It first looks like the handsome prince and Snow White/Sleeping Beauty thing in reverse! And Sean doesn’t plant a kiss on him. Rather he sniffs his scent and runs his hands over his crotch. Wake up, handsome prince!

There’s lots of sensual kissing, caressing, body play etc well before the guys get beyond wearing shorts. There’s nothing like a touch of frottage as a  lead-up to sex…even before cocks make their first appearance. In fact it’s well has been over 11 minutes into the entire video before Sean Ford finally pulls down Colby’s shorts and starts sucking his cock. For the most part Colby Keller has lying back on the bed and this gives he and Sean a good way of keeping eye contact. Sean is obviously enjoying sucking and something about the look in his eyes and face as he does so that’s hard to describe…it’s just hot.

Colby eventually reaches around and gets his hands on what seems to be his target of choice: Sean’s cute ass. He fingers him and finally gets him naked rolling him on his side to probe him deeply. And then he gets Sean on his back to lift his legs and eat him out. Fortunately Colby isn’t someone who stays on one track. He segues into sucking Sean and putting the young man into what a appears to be a state of bliss. He then rims him one more time and and moves with perfect ease into fucking Sean.

Colby Keller and Sean Ford must have established some kind of parameters and trust before their scene because Colby goes right from entering Sean to fucking him deep and relatively hard.  Sean seems to be able to take it and seems derive pleasure from being power topped. And speaking of power Colby easily turns Sean over to fuck him in a three-quarter sideways position and then doggy style, pushing him down further, and back on his side. It’s in this position that Colby displays a tender side by stroking Sean’s cock and essentially holding him closer.

After all this there’s a major shift in the momentum as  Sean Ford ends up riding Colby’s cock on his own terms. He rides him at his own depth and speed and sens to be the one delivering pleasure—to himself and Colby. At one point he slides up (is Colby still inside him?) and cums on Colby’s chest and in his beard. And then Sean nestles his mouth and tongue under Colby’s balls as the hairy chested top jacks off and delivers another of his super-hot, super-big cumshots. Thick globs hit his chest and lower abs and Sean accurately says, “so hot”.

They kiss again and Sean licks up a little of the splooge to give Colby a cummy kiss. And then they just like like back together in this fantasy setting. It ends on such a peaceful note it’s a wonder that the Colby and Sean didn’t just lie there for hours. And overall it’s a great start to what sounds like a great series.

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