Titan Men’s Swap Continues

This week Titan Men features the second scene from Swap, the movie about a getaway weekend for a couples in open relationships. And as director Jasun Mark often does, he puts a little twist on things. Apparently there’s some secret planning going on that brings about the switching up of partners in the first two scenes. If you read about last week’s scene in which couple Steve Roman and Adam Ramzi come to stay with Liam Knox and Matthew Bosch, Liam and Steve went to the gym leaving behind their boyfriends Adam and Matthew to fool around. That situation was planned by one of the couples.

In part 2  Steve Roman and Liam Knox return from the gym after a couple hours and as pre-arranged Adam and Matthew leave to go shopping. As they do Steve gets in the shower and after a little soaping up and showing of his hairy-muscled body for us to see. Liam pops into the bathroom to join him in the shower…to the surprise of no one watching or either character. There’s lots of kissing and muscles rubbing, the guys soaping each other up, etc. All very sensuous and hot. Then, in a surprise contrast to this tone Steve gets aggressive and slightly rough with Liam and it inspires Liam to do the same, Hard kissing, pit licking and general manhandling.

At one point Steve Roman gets on his knees to bury his face in Liam’s crack.  If you see the way these guys are built you know this is like rimming between two boulders. He also turns around Liam Knox and sucks his cock to his grunting delight. Thee water gets turned off and Steve really makes a show of sucking Liam. As a result when Liam pulls Steve up to kiss him and reciprocate on the cocksucking he shows the same kind of animal enthusiasm. Steve is totally impassioned now and kisses him again with a bit more ardor. At that Liam takes him to the bedroom.

In an interesting turn of dynamics Steve Roman has become much less rough and ready and more like the passionate lover. And when you look closer at the seemingly edgy man with the shaved head, full beard and hairy body he really has beautiful eyes.  As he and Liam Knox kiss their cocks rub together and Liam, whose house this is, takes charge, puts Steve on on all fours at the edge of the bed, teases him with his cock and then fucks him. It’s a good thing these two are alone or not trying to keep things secret. They grunt and moan loudly and their sex talk volume in considerable. Sexually, they’re totally off the charts.

As we’ve seen before Liam Knox is very uninhibited in his vocal expressions while in the middle of sex. However, he may have met his match here with Steve Roman. He rides Liam’s cock and does so with unleashed gusto…so much so that his loud deep-voiced outbursts almost drown out Liam. You don’t have to guess if he likes getting fucked in this position or on his back which comes next. You KNOW it! Liam fucks Steve until he cums with another vocal outburst accompanied by a smile of the utmost pleasure. Finally Liam pulls out and cums with his big booming voice arguably louder than ever before! These are two VERY satisfied MEN!

Next week more couples switch it up…at Titan Men!

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