Hot House’s One Night At The Ready Part 3

 There’s a clash of collars this week at Hot House in the third scene from One Night At The Ready with Skyy Knox and Jason Vario in his HH debut. We’re back at the hotel bar known as The Ready where Chi Chi LaRue and bartender Jack Vidra have introduced the viewer to an interesting collection of characters, four of whom have already hooked up in a couple of very different scenarios. This week has yet another with two very hot men and well-delivered scene.

  In the beginning of the scene bartender Jack talks about the way the bar reflects life in which different types find themselves shoulder to shoulder. On this night though Skyy Knox, playing against type, is an uptight businessman sipping his drink and not too pleased to be sitting next to big, burly construction worker Jason Vario as he swigs his beer. Skyyy gets up and spills his drink on Jason (purposely? or is it an accident?) and Jason is clearly upset, expressing his anger in a deep, loud voice that would intimidate anyone. Skyy apologizes, drops money on the bar and dashes out into the alley. Jason follows him there and there’s where the edgy sex encounter unfolds.

 Jason aggressively grabs Skyy and tells him “You made a mess, now clean it up.” With his big arm wrapped around Skyy’s neck he orders him to lick the leftover booze from his bicep. He then turns him around and looking him in the eyes, orders him to lick the liquor off his boots. Skyy’s response is a prompt, but quiet “Yes, Sir” and he carries out his task. Skyy quickly moves from being an outwardly meek submissive to someone very turned on. He makes his way up Jason’s leg, sucks on the bulge ion his pants and waits eagerly to see Jason pull out his half-hard monster cock.

The clash of collars is still the same but Skyy Knox is not even waiting for any orders. He sucks Jason Vario with the kind of enthusiasm we see in his scenes. He sucks him thoroughly and deep throats him. It’s no struggle for Skyy to take Jason all the base to the base of his cock even when Jason holds his head and throat on his cock. And Skyy stays on it as Jason sits back on a bench and keeps getting head. Again Jason is not verbally ordering Skyy…the young man simply is enjoying his subservient role…and a little kink.

When Skyy takes off Jason’s boots  he takes a long whiff inside before continuing. Seeing what Skyy likes Jason takes his sock and stuffs it in Skyy’s mouth. Then lets Skyy go back to deep throating him. There’s a moment here when it almost looks like it feels so good to Jason that he’s going to swoon. But he snaps back and his sock comes right back into use. He gives it to Skyy to huff again before stuffing it in his mouth again only letting it out to be replaced with cock. Foot fetishists will love all this. Others, perhaps not so much.

While Skyy Knox is certainly more eager as a submissive Jason Vario is still proactive in his dominance. When he brings Skyy up for a passionate kiss he also spits in his mouth before moving him down to suck him more. And when Jason finally gets naked showing off his jaw-dropping head-to-toe size he guides Skyy, still wearing his suit, to lie on the dirty ground as he squats on his face to be rimmed. Skyy loves this, expressing his delight verbally. Jason does let Skyy swat his steel hard ass and he bends down to kiss him passionately. And after one more swat Jason switches things in a very hot way.


Jason stands up Skyy, bends him over the bench and buries his face in his ass. And then his meaty hands rip open his [pants’ seams so he can get his mouth and tongue in his crack. He opens the rear more so he can finger fuck him as well. And now Skyy is totally uninhibited verbally, begging for more…and Jason’s cock. After tearing open the pants even more Jason gives Skyy what he wants: his cock deep inside him, fucking him standing up. Jason doesn’t hold back one bit, power topping the seemingly insatiable Skyy.

If you’ve been patiently waiting to see Skyy Knoxx‘s well-sculpted physique you finally will get your wish when he sits on Jason’s cock and rides him. As he bounces up and down he pulls off his tie and with a little help from Jason Vario unbuttons his shirt and pulls it open. And Jason is right there to thrust his cock into Skyy as we slides up and down deep. This is the position in which Skyy Knox cums but he has no time to relax, He’s soon on his knees getting a wild facial from Jason Vario. It’s HUGE and it hits Sky on his neck and shoulders. In fact had it been aimed more accurately we think it might have covered Skyy’s entire face. They kiss passionately again and it appears that their conflict of collars has reached a detente.

Coming up next week at Hot House: the finale to One Night At The Ready in which bartender Jack Vidra has a three-way with Dakota Rivers and Johnny V! Stay tuned…

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