Falcon’s Route 69 Released!

Falcon Studios has released its new blockbuster event movie Route 69 AND they’ve launched a dedicated website Route69XXX.com ! As we told you before award-winning director Tony Dimarco conceived this movie as a tribute to Falcon classics in Route 69 as part of the studio’s 45th Anniversary. As the press release states, “It was inspired by classic Falcon scenes that span over four decades. Dimarco brilliantly navigates the vaults of classic Falcon scenes, giving them a modern twist that would make yesterday’s stars proud. “And as the press release points out this is their third blockbuster release in a row.

On the dedicated site Route69XXX.com you’ll find trailers for thew whole movie and the individual scenes as well as scene info, model and action galleries and links to purchase the Route 69 DVD and scene downloads at the Falcon online store. In addition the studio has released a soundtrack AND a t-shirt for purchase on the site or at the store. And, as we’ve mentioned you can see some of the scenes on the Falcon Studios membership site now and in the days to come. We’ll have a review and breakdown of the movie along with more photos in a few days.

Basically Route 69 is a road trip movie in which friends Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway drive down the California leg of the legendary Route 66 highway, Along the way they find themselves involved in classic gay porn scenarios and possibly in an alternate reality or band of time. From the scenes we’ve have watched so far director Tony Dimarco has also peppered the movie with tributes to some of the stars and their characters who have appeared in Falcon Studios movies over the years. Hopefully we’ll be able to point then out to you.

Back to the extra merchandise the press release mentions that “the original soundtrack of the movie was composed by Remixlab, plus ‘Route 69’ limited edition t-shirts were created and produced by ajaxx63 especially for the release. Fans who purchase the ‘Route 69’ DVD will automatically receive $10 off their t-shirt, which retails exclusively through Falcon for $19.95 each and is available in red, black, navy blue and white.”

Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti commernts, “I can’t think of a more fitting conclusion to the Falcon 45th anniversary year than ‘Route 69’. Tony Dimarco has created a hit and a true celebration of gay porn classics and Falcon’s decades of being the most celebrated and watched studio in the industry! ’Route 69’ is inspired, it’s hot and it’s a testament to Falcon’s commitment to delivering only the hottest men in the hottest porn with top-quality production and amazing locations.”

Lastly, Tony Dimarco adds, “I’m overjoyed that ‘Route 69’ has finally become a reality, and it’s even sexier and more spectacular than I had envisioned it over five years ago. I truly believe ‘Route 69’ is one of my best, and I’m happy to share it with gay porn fans everywhere.” So far we agree with him 100%. It IS one of his best!

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