In August 2017 Part 4

During the last half of August has a hodgepodge of releases a few of which may have been on the shelf for a while. There’s also a new mini-series, a twist on a current one, and one newcomer with familiar-sounding name. And as has been the case lately hasn’t released all the previews for this part of the month. So it means we’ll have at least one more post spotlighting the mega-site’s upcoming releases.

Coming up next week is the part 2 of Look What I Can Do, the Marc MacNamara series in Diego Sans watches porn unlike anyone else by hiring guys to perform a scene in his bedroom while hew watches. In this episode Diego hires two “professionals” Eddy Ceetee and Damien Stone and these muscle studs needs no direction from Diego. They suck and fuck as though in a porn movie…which is the truth. Eddy you know from his Titan Men work and Damien is making his debut (although he’s appeared at Bromo) He’s the one with the familiar name, by the way. You’ll recall there was a hairy-chested star named Damien Stone just a few years ago. We wonder, Is there a porn name registry to avoid these kind of things?

Next week Marc MacNamara also has a new Gods of Men scene “Mesmerize” with Colby Keller and Paul Canon. It looks like a very potent scene, on the side of a lively passion as opposed to the slower paced, sensually erotic type of passion that characterized many of the earlier releases in the niche site.

Next weekend launches Daddy’s Little Secret starring Myles Landon. His son finds evidence that this seemingly busy professional man is actually leading a promiscuous double life seeing a number of younger men. The son goes to see one of the suspected guys Johnny Rapid to get some info …but without luck. Had he waited around the son would have sen Myles go see Johnny and fuck him silly.

In part 2 the son starts following dad Myles Landon and is astonished to see him meet up with Aston Springs and take him to a sleazy motel. When he calls the dad on his cellphone Myles does what he always does. He says that he’s working late. And still Myles doesn’t suspect he’s being spied on as he fucks Aston in the motel room.

In the finale of Daddy’s Little Secret the son sets up Myles Landon one Saturday when his mom is out of town. He pretends to leave to spend the day at the mall and instead hides as dad brings home hunky Aspen to fuck him. The son catches dad in the act and though Myles pleads not to have his secret revealed the son leaves with every intention of spilling the beans. Incredibly Myles and Aspen decide to keep fucking ….after all the secret is out! Why NOT finish?

The other recent mini-series The Couple That Fucks Together concludes with a twist. Paddy O’Brian and Jean Favre are a couple with an open relationship who engage in three-ways at the beginning of the series, However by part 3 Jean has left him for one of the guys.  He advises couple Klein KerrMassimo Piano not to have an open relationship but if course they want to…and Paddy they want him to be their first!

There are also some other stand-alone scenes coming up. In “Heating Things Up” (which might have been filmed months ago) Griffin Barrows (who doesn’t seem to be nearly as busy these days) and Brad Banks try and fool around in the club sauna while another patron naps. Except as they move from sucking to fucking the third guys leaves disgusted giving then free rein to fuck all they want.

In the Gods of Men scene “Eternity” Jordan Levine and Jake Porter enjoy passionate sex on the side of something edgier and more intense.  It’s also another “what if” pairing that gives an inkling of what a Randy Blue-Sean Cody crossover might have been like.

Something that’s REALLY been on the shelf a long time is “Looking At Trouble” . Kirk Cummings checks out Robert Van Damme (!) through a glory hole and gets more than he bargained for when an angry Robert manhandles him and rough fucks him the stall.

AND, in “Second Time” Trevor Long goes over to make amends with Johnny Rapid over some falling out. Of course they work out their issues and have hot sex as a result. Sex can often make for a happy ending when it comes to porn!

Coming up: the rest of August releases

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