Cocky Boys’ Camp CockyBoys Continues…

Allen King and Danny Montero star in the second episode of Cocky Boys‘ summer series Camp CockyBoys and after you see them how perfectly matched-up they are you’ll wonder how they weren’t paired up before. It doesn’t matter because they are now, adding their lively personalities to this new series and perfectly capturing the summer season…as Cocky Boys has done so well before.

In the introduction Cocky Boys reminds us again how special that 10th Anniversary pool party weekend was. Seeing all the hot guys and talented models up on the screen at one time really drives home the point. It also makes you appreciate the hot match-ups that are the result. In this episode most of the guys are gathered at the Camp CockyBoys big pond with at least one pair canoeing. As we have been told before guys who stay here also have tasks and chores and it appears  Allen King has to blow up the giant pool inflatables and so he asks Danny Montero to help him out.  Naturally there are a few guys who assume there’s some hanky panky afoot…and they’re right!

As expected the guys aren’t serious about blowing up toys. They’re so cute together, giggling and swapping sexual innuendo that setting the stage for the fun time they’re going to have together. This is especially true for Danny Montero who is smiling from ear-to-ear many times during the scene. Allen King also brightens up a scene with his cute and sexy smile and personality so together they’re magic. Danny makes the first move here bounding up to smooch it up with Allen as he sits in a chair before going down on his cock. As we soon find out Allen is a ball of sexual energy…especially when he face-fucks like a jack rabbit.

It’s in this early part of the scene that Allen King is showing us his dominant, power top side. We don’t see this often which makes it more startling, especially here. in this seemingly breezy summer scene. On the other hand, when Allen takes Danny Montero over to a poolside lounge chair, lies him down, stands astride him an feeds him his cock  Danny is just as happy and enthused as ever. And he really looks like he’s in sheer heaven as Allen goes back to suck his cock and rim him. Allen gets pretty aggressive and manipulate’s Danny’s smooth silky-skinned body, teases him with his cock and fucks him.

Again Allen King is aggressive as he fucks Danny Montero but they’re both on the same page., Danny loves getting fucked this way. He doesn’t even hesitate when Allen basically orders him to switch places and ride his cock as he lies back on the lounge chair. They move together in perfect sync and this compatibility is made even clearer as Danny lies back too fucking Allen’s cock with his hole as Allen also lies back. We’re not sure what this sexual position is called but these guys sure do it right.

It seems that the guys change to a different location (maybe a patio at a slightly higher level and in a shadier, grassier area). There Allen bends Danny over the back on another lounge chair and fucks him hard again. Of course Danny loves this too, probably because he likes this position as well as the fact that Allen must do it well. So well in fact that Danny shoots his load in this position. And it happens fast too. Danny announces he’s going to cum and before Allen can tell him “cum for me” he already has! Allen follows up cumming over Danny’s sweet ass..something a lot of viewers would probably like to do.

There’s just a little matter of unfinished business pertinent to the episode: inflating the pool toys. There are FIVE to be exact and as we saw these were prominent toys at the pool party (they look like a giant balloon shaped poodle) so they needed to get blown up. The guys are pretty spent too. Danny has a solution though, something that no summer camp should be without: a cordless power pump! Lo & behold they get the job done quickly leaving them time to lounge in the pool. A very happy ending to a super-hot scene!

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