Sean Cody: Landon & Shaw!

Sean Cody has a pleasant surprise this week after a couple of disappointing match-ups. And it comes from a unlikely pairing: Landon and Shaw! Shaw remains an enigma to us because as hot and as versatile as he is he doesn’t always have chemistry with his scene partners. Definitely not so with Landon with who he has such a natural rapport.  And that may be key for Shaw’s future scenes: to pair him with hot guys like Landon who seen to be down-to-earth and interested in having fun rather than just putting on a show.  

What’s clear from the beginning here is that Shaw and Landon are impressed by each other’s impressive physiques. Regardless of how these two guys identify themselves sexually off camera they appear to be totally comfortable is recognizing the obvious appeal of others. And there is some attraction as they clearly show while in their sexually playful introduction. By the way, the Sean Cody director/cameraman remains silent in this video, just letting Landon annd Shaw interact on their own. This seems to be another wise decision for the success of this scene.

Back at the Sean Cody house they kiss and rub their muscular bodies together, Shaw pulls down Landon’s shorts and his hard cock pops out.  Shaw again is genuinely impressed and goes down on him without hesitation or any struggle. Shaw must have improved since he first started because Landon really enjoys it….and he tests Shaw a little bit with a little aggression.

When they first start fucking Landon sits on the nearby chair and Shaw climbs aboard and rides him. At first it seems a little awkward, but they find their groove …so much better than models getting into the “easy” sexual position. They move to Shaw getting on all fours on top of the bed’s edge and Landon fucking him hard. Again he’s aggressive but not brutal. It appears they’ve already talked about Shaw’s limits ..or it’s intuition. He seems to be totally into Landon giving his muscular ass a good swat as he’s being fucked.

Landon finishes off Shaw while fucking him on his back..and again he does it deep and hard but not more than Shaw can take. In fact we think that Landon is doing it exactly how Shaw wants it. His cock surely musty be hitting Shaw in just the right spot because Landon pounds a HUGE, long lasting, geyser-type cumshot out of Shaw. Landon soon pulls out and shoots his big load over Shaw’s abs and by the smile on his face it’s a VERY satisfying orgasm. After they kiss and get up it’s clear they’re BOTH satisfied!

Round two starts off with Landon on top of the bed rimming Shaw who’s on the floor in a pile-driver bottom position against that bed. They both look hot like this. Naturally Landon moves right into fucking Shaw in that piledriver position. Yes, this position cab be a little showy but these guys actually make it work. Again their sexual compatibility is key: Landon seems to know what buttons to push. And he shows some remarkably strength too. He pulls Shaw up and with his cock inside him gives him a deep kiss. It almost looks like he’s going to fuck him standing up!

Landon moves Shaw to the edge of the bed and Shaw lies on his side with one leg up in the air as Landon fucks him standing up. This time we KNOW Landon is hitting the right spot because a breathless Shaw says, “Right there, don’t stop” and Landon fucks another big load out of Shaw that spurts everywhere. Landon then pulls out a deposits a thick load on Shaw’s big balls. Once again they seem so content and satisfied as they kiss and embrace. If they’re acting they’re deserving of am award.

On the subject of other scenes that we found disappointing earlier this week one of our favorites, enthusiastic and fun Jack was paired with Cassian. And we really shouldn’t fault either guy because they have good chemistry and the contrast in their size was visually stimulating. But this was the also the return of some odd camera angles and bad lighting. It also seems like the scene was directed incorrectly or over-directed. Or possibly once the scene got going the pairing made less sense. Whatever the case we still love Jack and want to see more of him.

In the other disappointing scene late last week Barron was back for his first sex scene with Dirty Daniel doing the deed. It started out promisingly with passionate kissing but things got weird quickly and it’s coupled with not so perfect direction and camerawork.. Barron was perhaps just too new to get fucked by Daniel in his first scene. Barron looks like he’s in pain through much of the scene. Plus Daniel is rough and loud and often needs to be reined in when it comes to the vocal and verbal outbursts. He’s a very hot man but he just needs to tone it down and not be so wham! bam! True Barron looks pretty satisfied at the end…or maybe it’s just relief. Who knows, you may like this rough ‘n’ tumble tone.

That brings us to the Sean Cody Top Model List. A lot of guys have shifted positions since we last updated the rankings. Joey is now #7, tied with Jess (who as we mentioned hasn’t yet fucked Joey!) Both Daniel and Landon move up into a four-way tie at the #13 slot. Jack moves to #21 while Shaw moves to #28. We still wonder if Tanner, back on Twitter, intends to return, Curtis? Unknown. So, there’s a good possibility that Randy or Blake or both may become #1 by year’send. Stay tuned…

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (38)
4. Randy  (35)
4. Blake (35)
4. Brodie (35)
7. Jess (33)
7. Joey (33)
9. Jarek (29)
10. Sean (28)
11. Porter (27)
11. Dean (27)
13. Jamie (26)
13. Lane (26)
13. Daniel (26)
13. Landon (26)
17. Jayden (24)
17. Calvin (24)
19. Dennis (23)
20. Jordan (22)
21. David (21)
21. Pavel (21)
21. Harley (21)
21. Jack (21)
25. Liev (20)
25. Pete (20)
25. Jake (20)
28. Kurt (19)
28. Manny (19)
28. Shaw (18)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)

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