New Faces For August 2017 Part 2

Porn meets art this week in our newest round-up of newcomers. ALL the guys we’re spotlighting are involved in art; one is an artist, the other an artist’s model, and the other a personal trainer who started out as an artist’s model. Coincidence? It also sounds like two of the guys would work well together, professionally speaking that is. Sexually speaking they would probably work out well too…except they’re at different studios. All three of the guys here share a lack of inhibition and no on-camera nerves. We’ll see how the future looks for them.

Israel at Sean Cody. Israel is the personal trainer who got into working out when he did work as an artist’s model. As for his other info SC has given him a Q&A on paper rather than go through a formal cameraman-model interview. It seems to work for Israel who candid, very good natured and an on-camera natural. He gets lots compliments on his ass but he’s pretty proud of his cock too, describing it as “Juicy, strong, durable.”

Israel seems like he might be straight but he also admits using a vibrator on his “taint” when jacking off. He also uses a Fleshlight. AND he says he’s “extremely open-minded”. BUT he hasn’t met the right person yet. So maybe Sean Cody will help him out. Not that Israel needs it. He’s got a great body and his cock lives up to his own appraisal. He’s also very dynamic as a solo performer, definitely knowing how to show off his body and deliver a good money-maker. He’s a keeper!

Van at Corbin Fisher.  Van is also not shy one bit (he considers himself a “freak”), eager to take off his clothes and pose. VERY eager. And he definitely has that posing thing down pat. As a daily gym goer Van definitely has the bod to show off too. Van is the artist among the newbies. Actually he’s really into erotic art. As he says, “I’d rather be drawing dicks all day.” And we get to see some of his sketching too.

If there was any doubt left regarding his being gay, Van’s involved sexual experience story clinches it. He talks about being picked up by an older guy in open relationship and going to their home for a three-way. And he wasn’t at all nervous about it. At last Van gets his clothes off and jerks off his hot cock, As CF says, Van is “the kind of artist that belongs here at CF. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I did!” Now, keep him around!

Bronson at Chaos Men.  Described as a “little muscle power house with some bad ass tatts and an amazingly handsome face” Bronson is not a stranger to photo shoots or to modelling nude. But it gets better. As site owner Bryan says, “he has done artistic sketch classes fully nude, aroused, and even ejaculating for a class.” In other words a live sex show.  Was it an erotic art class taught by Van? So, no nerves here when it comes to being in porn. Apparently Bryan thinks he has “an intense and serious vibe” Very sexual but also friendly and easy-going.

Bryan adds, “He says he jerks-off a lot each day, finding it hard to not do it at the least 3 times a day.”  Lots of playtime for this guy! He also shows off his ass but Bryan thinks he may not go beyond topping another guy. “For his cum shot, he is slow and methodical, and concentrates on his cock head. He makes great eye-contact with us, and I love watching this guy have an amazing orgasm!” Good times!

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