Camp CockyBoys At Night!

Josh Moore and Calvin Banks turn a night time frolic in the pool into a very hot scene next to an outdoor fireplace in the third episode from Cocky Boys new summer series Camp CockyBoys ! This scene has so many of the qualities that we love about a Cocky Boys but also with a few extras unique to the scene and the match-up. And while we had some idea of what to expect from the Camp CockyBoys series, this hot scene comes as a very pleasant surprise. 

In the introduction we learn that during this Camp CockyBoys week/weekend Josh Moore and Calvin Banks spent more time together than with anyone else. It certainly explains the rapport they have when the scene switches from the Camp CB intro to the pool at night. There’s just something inherently naughty about going for a night swim and it’s enhanced by the grotto effect of the natural-looking pool.  And yet they have such innocent fun in the pool with the blow-up pool toys, kissing and embracing playfully. This turns out to be quite a bit different from the direction the scene takes.

As we mentioned at the top Josh and Calvin get out of the pool and over to the patio with the outdoor fireplace. You might remember this setting from last summer’s Ashton Summers-Dillon Rossi video…one of the hottest of 2016. A great match-up and a perfect scene. So, the obvious dilemma is how do Cocky Boys‘ RJ Sebastian and his performers avoid comparison with the earlier scene. The answer isn’t immediately clear as the guys resume kissing sweetly and sensuously enjoying each other’s bodies.

Things start to heat up more as Calvin Banks plays with Josh Moore‘s nipples and then stands up in front of him. Josh slowly pulls down Calvin’s speedos and his cock pops out, almost completely hard. It’s a dramatic moment visually because, possibly because of the lighting, the size of Calvin’s semi-silhouetted cock is a powerful image. Calvin looks impressive just standing there rubbing his ass while Josh sucks his cock. Even the trail of saliva as Josh deep throats Calvin has visual impact.

As we expected Josh Moore gets some reciprocation but it’s here where the scene starts to take unexpected turns. Josh leans back with his hands behind his head as Calvin sucks his thick cock and makes him say “WOW” …in a quiet tone. As Calvin goes on it seems like Josh is under his spell. At one point Calvin Banks spells out he wants to rim Josh ..and does. With his legs up in the air lying in the chair Josh gets totally eaten out. It’s also a portent of things to come because although Josh is thick-muscled from head to toe he’s remarkably limber. So, with his legs bent back he fits nicely on the chair AND Calvin can move from rimming him to a standing fuck.

We didn’t anticipate that Calvin would be the top here, let alone a pretty hard-driving one who makes Josh moan and whimper …with increasing volume. In his semi-crouching stance Calvin can really go deep and that he does. You’ve undoubtedly heard “Oh fuck!” exclaimed tons of times in a porn scene but there’s just something about the way Josh Moore makes it seem genuine. Now, while Calvin topping a vocal Josh is a hot scene, things get wilder.

It’s hard to describe but Josh Moore gets out of the chair, keeps his legs on the seat and lowers his torso to the floor. From there Calvin Banks with his legs on opposing sides of Josh’s torso fucks him. They make it look fairly easy but if you look at it carefully you know this had to require some planning and stamina. And they’re still not done! The chair gets more use with BOTH guys on it. It’s kind of a variation on the cowboy position. Again, hard to describe. Refer to the pic below.

With Calvin propping his feet on Josh’s chest he can more easily control  the fucking ….and he certainly looks like he enjoys it. He looks like he could cum hands free. The guys slip down into a sexual position that we’re not sure even has a name, let alone something we could description. Josh is almost on the patio floor fucking up into Calvin while Calvin is sorta riding his cock “side-saddle” balanced between the chair and the ottoman! Whatever you’d call this gymnastic position it works and Calvin cums…like a mini-geyser.

For the finale the guys are finished with the acrobatics BUT it still has a “wow” visual punch. While Josh lies on the floor jerking his cock Calvin gets down to the floor to hover about waiting for the cumshot. And he gets it! Josh’s geyser is more of loud volcanic eruption that gives Calvin a facial. feasts on as much of it as he can BUT there’s quite a bit left over on his lower cheek and neck. He feeds some to Josh but there’s still a lot left. They wind up curled on the floor together, hinting they might fall asleep liker that. Perhaps discovered in the AM? Stay tuned…

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