Hot House’s One Night At The Ready Finale!

 This week Hot House wrapped up Chi Chi LaRue‘s One Night At The Ready with a hot and exciting three-way finale. Having Hall of Famer Chi Chi at the helm of her first Hot House movie was reason enough to check out the movie.  The first scene alone was evidence that One Night At The Ready was going to be nice change of pace for the studio and it certainly turned out to be. It didn’t exactly adhere to the long time studio’s current branding but that was part of the reason for its ultimate success. And maybe it’s a path forward for the studio in trying new things.

 In the last scene it’s time for The Ready bartender Rusty(Jack Vidra) to have some fun. It’s closing time and he tells regular Joey (Johnny V), the cowboy who’s been hanging out at the bar all night, it’s time to go. However the cowboy has a littler surprise for the bartender waiting in the back of the bar: Dakota Rivers. And just like that they sit together on the banquette and Jack and Johnny focus on Dakota. One note: You’ll have to overlook a rather glaring editing error in this sequence as Dakota’s tank top get taken off and Jack sucks on his nipples. A second later the tank top is back on and gets taken off again with Jack going down on him instead.

  Johnny kisses Dakota and plays with his body as Jack keeps sucking and they continue at this after they take off their shirts (no glitch). Jack and Johnny meet up for a kiss and then both go down on Dakota, together and alternating. This becomes a three-way suckfest when Johnny goes down on Jack, who kisses Dakota. Eventually Johnny winds up bent over sucking Dakotas as Jack rims him from behind. Johnny’s sucking skills get tested as he takes all of Dakota’s cock, sucking willing and as he’s skull-fucked.

 Finally Jack fucks Johnny hard and deep from behind and Dakota makes his way over to stand on the banquette to get his cock sucked by Jack. This continues this way for a while and takes another unexpected turn when the scene shifts to Jack riding on top of Dakota’s cock while Johnny feeds his cock to Jack. It appears that Jack is now the power bottom…a role he assumes with vigor!

  While Jack continues to ride Dakota, Johnny V watches and jacks off with an increasingly frenzied energy. He cums hard and loud, exploding cum on Jack’s face and the ginger bartender eagerly tastes it. When it’s Dakota’s turn Jack dismounts and sucks his nipples as Dakota Rivers sits and jacks off a load. An then Jack Vidra lies back and has an intensely satisfying orgasm. AND everyone’s happy!  Dakotas eventually leaves and Johnny and Jack stick around to kiss and cuddle more. Johnny V has one last question for Jack: “So, same time tomorrow?”

One Night At The Ready is indeed very satisfying but it also has the potential for a sequel or maybe a trilogy? Another Night At The Ready? Last Call At The ReadyHot House and Chi Chi should think about it

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