Hot House Launches Dark Matter

Skyy Knox and Tyler Roberts star in the first scene from Hot House‘s new movie Dark Matter now available for viewing at the studio membership site. The surreal, fetish flick from director Nick Foxx appears to be further evidence that Falcon Studios Group seems to be making Hot House a much more static brand rather than previous,  more confining label, “The Ass Authority”. Dark Matter, as described in the press release, has a setting “where the worlds of gay sex and art collide. Witness these powerful and stunning male forms drawn together by mysterious forces, deep fantasies and carnal desires. “

Plenty is left to the imagination of the viewer as far as the first scene goes. Are we watching performance art? A sexual fantasy vaguely channeling the Rocky Horror Picture Show? An erotic dream? Something supernatural? According to Hot House “sexual creation takes a new twist as Skyy Knox brings his fantasy hunk, Tyler Roberts, to reality from under a black blanket amid a scurry of smoke and fury.” With the wave of his hands the masked Skyy brings Tyler to life to life and “the new creation mimics everything he does in mirror image from waving to kissing to removing their masks.”

As soon as the masks come off Tyler becomes the seemingly mindless aggressor, He holds Skyy by the neck and kisses him hard and Skyy responds by sucking the muscular man’s nipples and licking the pits that are offered up. No words are spoken but it’s clear that the sexually excited Tyler wants Skyy naked and in no time he’s removed his gloves and leather apron. Tyler goes down on Skyy and services his “new master”. Skyy is aggressive too, face-fucking Tyler.  By the was, there’s no background music in this scene but some unintelligible pre-recorded voice seemingly repeating something,. Very David Lynchian.

Eventually Tyler Roberts stands up and Skyy Knox gets on his knees to take out his cock. Although we get a long view of the “unveiling” you can see that Skyy is awestruck by the thick cock that is presented before him. What you have next is two guys who are totally revved up with sexual desire. Skyy sucks Tyler deeply and furiously and Tyler face fucks him back with a glint of dominant glee in his eyes and manic smile. Skyy deep throats Tyler who then stands him up to deep kiss him. His hands wander to Skyy’s beautiful butt and several fingers make their way into his crack and hole.  Skyy bends over as Tyler finger fucks him hard and it looks like he makes him cum as he’s jacking his cock. You be the judge.

Tyler Roberts then goes to town rimming a bent-over Skyy Knox and he keeps going when he has the ripped hunk on his back. Of course Skyy looks great from EVERY position.  But it’s more than the fact that he has such a symmetrically well-muscled physique. It’s the way he performs, using all of his body, from head-to-toe, as an erotic instrument. When Tyler rims him on his back and then transitions to fucking Skyy, the bottom stud expresses himself with perfect clarity.

Skyy’s energy level never seems to wane either. When he rides Tyler’s thick cock he bounces on top , sweating profusely but doesn’t take a break. And he’s very vocal.  Tyler starts fucking him from behind but Skyy is still totally energized, jacking his cock as Tyler’s thick meat pounds him inside. They don’t finish off during fucking but their orgasms are no less exciting. Skyy sits on Tyler’s face and he jacks off soon after. And almost immediately after a loudly grunting Tyler shoots a big load…which Skyy gobbles up.

The surreal and mysterious introduction also ends the scene. After shooting his load it’s as though Tyler Roberts’ internal battery has run down and he enter “sleep mode.” In fact Skyy Knoxx covers his body and walks out, as the description says,”to leave his fantasy man for a different time.”

Director Nick Foxx comments, “We really pushed the envelope with this one. Skyy and Tyler really got into their roles of bringing sexiness to a dark and stormy realm. The scene is all about the ultimate sexual creation and I’m sure fans will love the alternative feel.”

In the next few weeks the rest of Dark Matter will unfold at Hot House with what seems to be unrelated (plot-wise, that is) vignettes. Next week is described as a “corruption story” with a “pure and innocent Johnny V” turned on by hedonistic Chris Bines. In two weeks Sean Zevran and Beaux Banks are two studs “entranced with animalistic instincts.”  Anvd in the finale two exhibitionists Josh Conners and Tony Shore come together. Stay tuned…

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