Camp CockyBoys: Boomer Banks & Jacen Zhu!

We knew from Cocky Boys “upcoming updates” section that there would be Camp CockyBoys scene with Boomer Banks and Jacen Zhu but we didn’t expect THIS. It’s what has characterized this lively summer series: hot match-ups and scenes that unfold in ways we didn’t anticipate. Simply stated, Boomer and Jacen really bring it to this scene.

In this Camp CockyBoys introduction we learn a little bit more about the upstate New York location and its appeal to Boomer Banks who comes to the country to get out of the hot, humid city and unwind. That includes the enjoyment of outdoor grilling and harvesting some leafy greens from the garden to make himself a salad. Here’s where Jacen Zhu comes in. He spies on Boomer and pulls out his cock from his skimpy speedos and jacks off. By the way, speedos aren’t for everyone, but they are PERFECT for Jacen’s body. He bounces a beach ball to get Boomer’s attention and successfully flirts to get Boomer to join him by the pool.

Boomer plays a little hard to get though. Jacen gets in and floats on one of the large pool toys, playfully telling Boomer to join him. But Boomer doesn’t seem to be in the mood. By the way, these pool toys are the ones that Allen King and Danny Montero inflated in the second episode and as we learn later in THIS scene Jacen spied on them too when they got it on. Jacen really got around that weekend! Boomer does step into the pool and feeds his cock to Jacen as he flats there on his back.

Jacen REALLY enjoys getting fed Boomer’s cock as evidenced by his hungry vocal sounds. And Boomer responds by giving him more to take, slightly face-fucking him with a hint of being a boss. The hint becomes real when he tells Jacen to turn around. Thankfully these pool toys (which look like a huge balloon animal in the shape of a poodle) provide enough room for straddle his body and show off his incredibly inviting bubble butt. And Boomer can step right in and start fucking Jacen.

Jacen Zhu is exactly what we like to see from a verbal and vocal performer. It doesn’t feel like he’s vocal for effect…it seems natural. As such when Boomer fucks him deep and pretty relentlessly, we know how it feels for Jacen by the way he moans and groans and by his facial expressions. And he breaks out into a grin of pure pleasure. With all this happening Boomer feeds off this and gets more incentive to fuck Jacen harder and slap his ass. He’s also still the boss. He tells Jacen it’s too hot and virtually commands him to join him in the shade.

The shade turns out to be under the free-standing poolside umbrella. Here is where Boomer gets affectionate, holding Jacen closely, nuzzling his neck and proceeding to slip his cock into him. Boomer fucks Jacen standing up and they move together in a powerfully erotic way. Jacen takes it and just wants more and as they bend forward and Boomer fucks him harder and deeper it seems like there’s no limit to what Jacen can take. He suggests they move to another location.

They go up a lounge chair on a grassy higher location where Jacen reveals that he saw Allen and Danny. Boomer lies back and Jacen sucks his cock again before he gets up and stands to the side so Boomer can suck HIS cock. Again the limber Jacen rides on top of Boomer’s cock with deceptive ease but he’s also vocal, peppering his verbal outbursts with pleasure-laden compliments. Their positions also makes it easy for Boomer to push Jacen on his back and fuck him deep. Jacen’s breathless moans are riveting.He pulls him back up to bounce Jacen on his cock and then lies him back down again. Yes, Boomer is boss.

As Boomer fucks Jacen on his back, the sexy bottom announces Boomer is going to make him cum. It looks like Jacen had been ready to cum for a long time because he barely strokes his cock before he shoots. Boomer winds up glazing Jacen’s bubble butt and at the end Cocky Boys has two VERY satisfied men. Actually they probably have an entire audience of satisfied viewers. It’s perfect.

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