Sean Cody: Malcolm & Manny

Sean Cody has another very good match-up this week courtesy of veteran Manny and relative newbie Malcolm! It’s not an unquestionably perfect scene production-wise, but it’s a big improvement over some of the scenes that have made their way to the site over the past few months. And Malcolm has also gotten better, showing off some of the potential from his solo debut. To be fair he was a little nervous in that debut. He’s a bit more relaxed with Manny which you can possibly attribute to both guys being openly gay. Whatever the case, it works.

The introduction in which Manny and Malcolm are interviewed and mention what they like about each other reveals one reason why they are very comfortable with each other. They had chatted on social media the night before their scene.  Just chat? That they won’t reveal. They take their scene inside to the bedroom where they briefly kiss and when Manny takes off Malcolm’s shorts he cock pops out nearly fully hard. Manny sucks Malcolm who engages in a little dirty talk. But really he doesn’t have to do it. He seems to have a naturally aggressive physicality that says it all.

After some extensive cocksucking Malcolm Gets Manny on the bed and rims him, finger fucks him and generally teases his ass. Still it’s not so easy for Malcolm to get inside Manny. The reason is revealed in the BTS epilogue: Manny says he has “The tightest hole known to man”. And he’s taken some big ones too so his hole must have self-rejuvenating powers. Malcolm does get in though and fucks Manny hard and deep. Manny is such a good bottom it’s hard to criticize him, especially when he works so well with his respective tops.

The guys get into a different sex position on the floor which looks like it might be uncomfortable but at least it’s different, And it sure does seem to work. It appears that Malcolm’s cock is hitting Manny’s sweet spot and it causes a volcanic cum eruption. Malcolm seems inspired by it, licking Manny’s sensitive head then standing up to shower his face and torso  with cum. He then kneels down for Manny to suck him dry.  For round one these two seem VERY satisfied.

Round two starts off with the guys in bed and Manny sucking Malcolm again following by Malcolm rimming him. Then Manny gets aboard and rides Malcolm in another visually exciting position. With Manny facing the camera and arching his back you can see he really is enjoying Malcolm fucking up into him. It’s very hot to see a bottom and top work so well together, their bodies moving in sync. Abd Manny really looks good lying back and writhing against Malcolm’s body.

They finish off with Malcolm rimming Manny again and then fucking him on his back in an aggressive manner that just seems made to order for Manny. Malcolm does it again fucking Manny until he shoots another geyser. Malcolm is so excited he almost doesn’t pull out in time! And then he rims him and licks up the cum he’s just squirted on his hole. They kiss once more, undoubtedly with cum on their lips.

The BTS epilogue provides some fun stuff plus a new view inside this Sean Cody shoot house. On the way upstairs to the bedroom Malcolm playfully pulls down Many’s shorts to rim his ass while they’re on the staircase. It reminds us that we’ve yet to see the downstairs in this shoot house. It could very well be that they’re not allowed or it unfeasible to use the living area. Or maybe it’s even brighter than the bedroom which has caused all kinds of technical problems!

Lastly, this week’s scenes have changed up out Top Model List again. Randy moves back to #4, tied with Blake and Manny joins the 20+ club! He’s at #25 now and just a few scenes away from entering the top tier.

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (38)
4. Blake  (36)
4. Randy (36)
6. Brodie (35)
7. Jess (33)
7. Joey (33)
9. Jarek (29)
10. Sean (28)
11. Lane (27)
11. Porter (27)
11. Dean (27)
14. Jamie (26)
14. Daniel (26)
14. Landon (26)
17. Jayden (24)
17. Calvin (24)
19. Dennis (23)
20. Jordan (22)
21. David (21)
21. Pavel (21)
21. Harley (21)
21. Jack (21)
25. Manny (20)
25. Pete (20)
25. Jake (20)
25. Liev (20)
29. Kurt (19)
29. Shaw (18)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)

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