Guys In Sweatpants: Leo & Charles!

The latest release from Guys In Sweatpants features Charles King and Leo Luckett, two of the very hot models that have helped the site’s revival in 2017. And their match-up is well worth the anticipation that Austin Wilde created by teasing this scene for several days befoe its release.  But it makes sense. A smart site doesn’t get you all excited for an average scene. 

The video has a fun introduction by way of a desert road trip. It’s a good way to get reacquainted with Charles King and Leo Luckett …or meet them for the first time. An integral part of this video are gratuitous but very welcome shots of Leo’s big bubble butt. One thing we hadn’t realized before is Charles height: He’s 6’1″! And once again he is a natural on camera: charming and witty. As for the chemistry between the two guys they save it for their scene at the house.

The guys start off kissing on the sofa and then Leo Luckett starts sucking off Charles King. He starts off very well, borrowing his mouth into Charles’ briefs and taking all of his thick cock to the base. But that’s when you realize Charles isn’t fully hard yet! So as he gets longer, thicker and harder Leo has a bit of a challenge. As he keeps going at it Charles reaches into Leo’s sweatpants to finger the ass he’s going to have, the ass he earlier described enthusiastically as “nice and firm and pump..just the way I like it”

We imagine there must have deleted sequence with Charles trying to work his huge cock into Leo and we’re glad because it would have as exciting and erotic as watching someone unscrew a lid off a new jar of pickles. Charles certainly doesn’t hold back either in fucking Leo’s ass deep and hard. Leo is quite vocal but it doesn’t slow Charles down. In fact it might light a fire under him to fuck harder. We doesn’t see it happen on screen but it appears that either slaps Leo’s rump or his hard grip leaves some marks.

As Guys In Sweatpants Charles’ cock “was a lot for him [Leo] to handle at first, but once he got warmed up, there was no stopping him from bouncing on every inch of it.”  And Austin verifies Leo’s vocal volume: ” The neighbors definitely heard his loud, intense moaning. Getting fucked by something that big is fucking intense, and Leo loved every second of it.”

Charles King finishes off Leo Luckett on the coffee table fucking him on his back. And if you need confirmation that the chemistry is real and that these guys are in total sync Guys In Sweatpants provides it as Leo jerks off a thick load and in the middle of it Charles pulls out to cum, at the same time.  Leo is glazed and thoroughly happy and satisfied. We love seeing that!

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