Falcon Releases Intimate!

Falcon Studios has released Intimate, a new movie which “dives deep into the world of passionate and connected sex”. But it’s more than that. We see the “hunky studs” featured in the movie talking to the camera and their audience on an “intimate” basis and talking about their private sex lives. They reveal their turn-ons and the traits they look for in scene partners, specifically the ones in this movie. The scenes from this Tony Dimarco movie have been released on the Falcon Studios website but the DVD and individual scene downloads are now available at the Falcon Studios Group Store.

The premise Intimate is as follows: “What turns men on and what do they like to do when they’re behind closed doors? Find out when seven hunky studs give an ‘Intimate’ look into their private sex lives. Pull back the curtain to hear what turns them on the most – from soft to hard, tender to rough – and then watch as they live out their own passionate fantasies.”

According to director Tony Dimarco, “Intimate gives fans that authentic Falcon look and feel that we’re known for. Everything in the movie is beautiful from the location we filmed, to the men and ultimately their chemistry.”

Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti adds “Tony Dimarco does it once again! Every guy in this movie is classic Falcon. ‘Intimate’ delivers  through and through.”

As you’ll see from the beginning of the first scene there’s definitely a “classic” Falcon feel to the stars of the movie and this is what Tony Dimarco has done so well during his successful career as the studio brand’s main director. This came to fruition in so many ways with the recent Route 66 blockbuster. At the same time it should be mentioned that Dimarco puts into his productions many touches that the classic scenes may not have had. For example, here in Intimate we see the stars speak to the camera as themselves,not unlike the format of many models on various porn sites.

In the first scene Ian Greene and JJ Knight talk about the more obvious physical traits that they like about each other…and what many viewers like too. But there are also those qualities a viewer can’t know such as the way someone kisses, the look in their eyes, etc. They then segue to the guys sitting around in their underwear. Ian starts things up by nuzzling his foot against JJ’s bulging crotch and from there it’s kissing on the lips and other erogenous zones and full on sex as follows:

“Ian doesn’t waste a second getting the massive curved member inside his warm and giving mouth. Ian crawls onto JJ and teases his full erection with his ass as the amorous couple kisses and gets deeper into their passion. Ian turns around to 69 while JJ gives his perfect, hairy bubble butt some attention with his tongue.

“Both of the athletic studs are ready for the next level of play, and JJ slides his hardon inside of Ian to get ridden hard. They move it to the floor where Ian gets on his back and opens his legs wide for JJ to enter him again. JJ pumps his lover with a steady and measured rhythm until Ian lets loose all over his own muscled up stomach. Knowing that JJ has given his man the ultimate intimate pleasure makes him ready to blow. He pulls out of Ian just in time to feed him a gusher of fun and fills his face and mouth full of cream.”

One of the many reasons we consider JJ Knight to be a star, an often misused term, is his ability to be present in all his scenes, no matter what the content or his scene partner. He’s versatile as an actor and performer and yet we never get the impression that he’s either acting or performing. So you believe that he’s as intimate with Ian Green as he is with his real-life boyfriend Brent Corrigan.

The second scene features Logan Moore and Jack Hunter two guys who arguably are among top guys with beautiful, sexy eyes.  Interestingly as their scene opens they’re already making out so there’s no pre-scene chit-chat about how these two guys feel about each other. Abd it’s an all-oral scene. You’ll just have to assume that their attraction is real. It certainly feels that way…

” Logan Moore and Jack Hunter are kissing passionately in their underwear and tenderly rubbing their hands up and down their muscled-up bodies. Jack gets on the floor to show his lust for Logan by taking his thick erection into his mouth. Jack stares Logan in the eyes as he services his hunky man and takes him as far into his mouth as he can. Jack only stops momentarily to kiss Logan again before he gets back to work with his warm, wet mouth.

“Jack turns Logan around to tease Logan’s tight, smooth hole with his tongue. Jack explores with excited intent, spreading Logan’s cheeks wide open. Both hunks are in heaven as Jack licks and Logan enjoys the sensations. Logan wants to taste what Jack has to offer and gets on his knees in front of the stud. He gently pulls down Jack’s underwear to let his thick pole out into the world.

“Logan pleasures Jack with his lips, taking the massive member in and out of his open, hungry mouth. Logan takes Jack’s happiness to a whole new level when he works his magic and gets Jack to spill his seed all over Logan’s beard and tongue. Logan can’t get enough and continues sucking Jack, lapping up every last drop of semen as he lets out a moan and drops his own load all over the floor.”

So, it’s a little disappointing that these two don’t have a full-on sex scene. That said, if you’re going to have an all oral scene with someone who has a VERY suckable and scene-stealing “photogenic” cock it doesn’t get much better than Jack Hunter.  His cock won a Grabby but so did the man himself as Performer of the Year. Someone who knows how to give as well as take and does both roles with equal talent.

The third scene is a three-way and we learn from the performers Ryan Rose, Gabriel Alanzo and Jake Archer what turns them on in general and how they make connections with their partners when it comes to sex. There are few things these guys share so you go into this scene with a bit more curiosity about how their individual tastes and turn-ons will find common ground. How they come together unfolds as follows:

“Jake Archer is in his underwear in the living room checking out his phone when Gabriel Alanzo enters while listening to his headphones. Gabriel is dancing and making Jake giggle when he comes over and makes the moves on Jake. They make out and grind pelvis on pelvis through the cotton fabric of their tighty whities when Ryan Rose casually walks in and joins the action.

“Ryan sits down and immediately becomes the focus of the other two hunks. Jake and Gabriel take turns sucking Ryan, working his hard member and licking every inch of his ripped body. Jake pulls out his fully erect manhood and slips it into Ryan’s mouth as Gabriel completes the chain down between Ryan’s legs. Not a writhing body goes without attention as the threesome works and pumps and grinds on every patch of available skin.

“Jake gives Gabriel lots of oral pleasure as Ryan enters him from behind. Gabriel wants in on the riding action and the guys switch it up so everyone can get a bit of Ryan inside their tight bodies. Ryan takes turns on each lucky stud, giving them exactly what they want and need. Jake is the first to give in, and as Ryan keeps up a steady pace, Jake lets loose all over his own perfect abs. When Gabriel sees Jake let go, he follows suit and explodes his passion all over Jake’s panting body. That’s Ryan’s cue to join the guys and finish up as he covers Jake with a shower of cum from above. The guys kiss and continue to enjoy each other’s bodies in the afterglow of their ‘Intimate’, fun and sensual escapade.”

It’s fascinating to watch relatively newer performers Gabriel Alanzo and Jake Archer with veteran superstar Ryan Rose. The lesser known guys bring a vital enthusiasm to their scene and stand out accordingly. Ryan starts off with more of an understated passion to the scene but because of who he is he brings a presence. His passion grows as the scene progresses…not unlike real life. It’s still hard to believe Ryan is retiring but after 60+ movies firmly establishing himself as a Falcon legend he deserves to go out as he wishes., Still, we’ll miss him.

The last scene features relatively busy Roman Todd and newcomer Casey Jacks. In the intro their intimacy comes more from their being candid with the audience about their more secret sexual passions.  Roman and Casey both have a slightly kinky interest when it comes to sex but as they show in their scene that doesn’t make their encounter any less passionate. It’s just different….

“When Roman Todd and Casey Jacks get together, the sparks fly. They’re kissing in front of a bedroom window, groping each other when Roman decides to give Casey a taste of his erect manhood. This is exactly what Casey wants and he doesn’t waste a second wrapping his lips around Roman’s big hard dick. After getting completely revved up, Roman reaches into Casey’s underwear to feel his tight ass. The feel of his fingers meeting Casey’s throbbing hole is all it takes for Roman to peel down his partner’s shorts and get to work rimming him with his hungry tongue.

“Roman knows he wants to enter Casey, who’s begging for his dick. After getting Casey nice and loosened up, Roman lies back on the bed and lets Casey get what he wants. The young stud hops on Roman’s thick pole and rides it deep as the two maintain eye contact and continue kissing while they make love. “Oh baby, I’m so deep inside of you,” Roman says as he speeds up his rhythm and makes Casey moan even more.

“When Casey is ready to blow his load, the two studs flip around and as Roman continues pumping, Casey blasts a giant hands-free orgasm all over his tight body. As his cum pools up on his stomach, Roman is ready to give Casey his load. He pulls out and stands over the panting stud to shoot every last drop he has all over Casey’s face and wide-open mouth. Exhausted after their incredibly satisfying session, the two jocks collapse in a heap on top of each other and kiss Roman’s cum away.”

A few final thoughts. While we prefer a plot-driven porn or connective story we very much enjoy a vignette type movie like Intimate that has strong theme.  All of the scenes and match-ups are good and director Dimarco uses his film-making craft and technique to vividly and successfully drive home his theme.

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