New Faces For August 2017 Part 4

For the second week in a row two of our spotlighted sites have TWO hot, openly gay new models and just as important is that we’re likely to see them in action again.  We’d like to believe that top websites are making more of an effort to cast more openly gay models or at least fluid straight guys who perform with other guys happily as well as convincingly. We can hope, right?

Desmond at Sean Cody This sexy charmer with a really hot, well-sculpted muscle body, nice cock and big balls knows what he likes and what he likes to do. At first this small town guy says he wants “to try new things” while at SC in San Diego. But later he spells it out: ” I want to come back and fuck all the bottoms and make them cum with my dick in them” He admits he’s been fucking since middle school so he’s had the practice. He’s more into foreplay now but his attention always goes back to the ass. Preferably a nice round one attached to a small-waisted guy.

Desmond is pretty patient when it comes to jacking off and likes to play with his chest and balls building up to that first big on-camera cumshot…which is indeed huge. In between jack off sequences Desmond reveals a bit more about himself. He’s really into working out and is proud of his body but as he mentioned before big muscled guys aren’t as interesting to him. Although he talks about getting sweaty and nasty sex-wise he also sounds like he’s looking for a compatible partner. You never know he might find a guy at Sean Cody. 

Chad at Corbin FisherThis 19 year old aspiring bodybuilder pretty much is the teen dream, the big jock type more than a few guys fantasized about in school. He wrestled AND played football. Can you imagine those guys who lusted after Chad in school would do if they saw him at CF bouncing his pecs, flexing his biceps and jacking off?

As a bodybuilder Chad is good about checking himself out and making sure he looks good on camera.”In fact, when his pants came off in his solo interview, he jacked himself off in the mirror, watching his own hot body and cut cock, before finishing off on the bed.” Will he be back for more? CF says, “We can’t wait to see him in action!” But will it include any gay scenes and make his horny classmates go bananas?

Bennett at Chaos Men. Another enthusiastic gay man with a hot muscular body  who is happy to admit that he likes twinks with big dicks: to fuck and get fucked by! But Bryan says that “when he watches porn. But in the real world, he is into all kinds of guys. I think the ‘big dick’ part still holds. He is a professional Bottom after all!” We bet he likes the big dicks more. He certainly plays with his cock AND ass in his scene.

Bryan also mentions that “Bennett is a sweet guy. Easy going, but a little self-conscious. He gets anxious about his appearance and life in general. Despite that, he was calm and relaxed for the solo, and really enjoyed putting on a show for us. His cum shot is tremendous too! Huge streams of white cum shoot out like a fountain, covering his stomach!”

Lastly a word about last week’s Julian Rodriguez at Gay HooplaThe site has him up on a home page banner referring to him as a “star in the making” so it’s clear they’re grooming him for the role. On September 1 we’ll see if he has “it” in his first sex scene with Zach Douglas. Stay tuned…

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