Cocky Boys: Ashton & Jack!

Cocky Boys has another of those perfect match-ups that you just know will be hot by the guys involved: Ashton Summers and Jack Hunter. And it is. Jack and Ashton don’t disappoint in any way, shape or form and in fact they exceed any potential you can imagine. If you’re among the many with huge crushes on either or both of these guys you’ll be very happy. AND we think both Jack and Ashton will gain more fans as a result.

We learn in the introduction that these guys have been following each other on social media and have been in contact. There’s been a simmering attraction between them and in true Cocky Boys fashion the guys get candid about it. We like that both these guys are fairly soft-spoken, sweet, and seem sincerely unaffected. At the same they’re not shy about their sexuality and so when they get their cue they jump right into their scene and explore their mutual attraction.

It begins with passionate kissing and it feels like they never want to stop and could kiss each other into cumming. Even though Ashton Summers sometimes appears sweetly modest, you also get the feeling he could be a nudist if he could. His loose shorts come down as he kisses Jack Hunter and Ashton is quite ready to peel off his shirt. And can we just take a moment again to marvel at Ashton’s body?  His chiseled body just keeps getting bigger and hotter and he as the perfect frame for more.

Of course Ashton’s cock also pops out and Jack us eager to suck it. In fact he spends a good amount of time sucking him on the sofa and through this sequence they shift positions several times so you get a very good visual tour of Ashton’s body. Even when he gets his turn to suck Jack’s award-winning cock RJ Sebastian’s camera gives us some great views of Ashton’s hot ass. Surprisingly it is Jack’s ass that gets the attention first as Ashton rims him.

Ashton likes Jack’s ass and you can tell he can’t wait to get inside. As he fucks him from behind he gives it his all. We’re not necessarily talking about a deep-pounding. We mean that Ashton puts his whole body into fucking and it’s visually exciting. He presses his strong, hard but lithe body against Jack, he wraps his arms around him and holds onto to him with a loving dominance, Even as he pins Jack to the sofa and and holds him there fucking with his string hips and cock doing most of the motion it feels like it’s affection.

At one point Jack Hunter rides his cock but Ashton Summers is still not quite ready to relinquish control: he thrusts up into Jack as he rides him. But then Jack gets his turn to fuck Ashton from behind and we get even more visual excitement. Ashton’s position thrusting out his ass as he gets fucked is one facet. Then you see that without even stroking himself his cock is standing at attention. With a close-up we see Ashton is also streaming precum. It’s almost too much to take. But of course there’s more.

Ashton gets on his back on the sofa and the limber lad lefts his legs so Jack can rim him and suck his cock (undoubtedly tasting a sweet-salty precum) Then Jack fucks him and gets his own personal visual pleasure of looks at Ashton’s rippling muscles flex as he jacks his cock and gets fucked. Watching Ashton erupt in a thick, creamy load over his abs likely pushes Jack over the edge who pulls out and shoots a big load over him. They kiss again and you get the distinct impression they might have some more fun later on camera.

Jack Hunter and Ashton Summers may not be exclusives (we think) but there’s just something about their being in a Cocky Boys scene that just fits. We hope they continue to make appearances here.



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