Titan Men’s Muscle Daddies!

This week Titan Men celebrates the beefy, slightly older porn studs with the premiere scene from Muscle Daddies. This studly all-man type really this is not new for the studio and as we’ve seen the “daddy” persona is pretty fluid age-wise. A hot muscle man can take on the daddy early on. But for this new movie director Jasun Mark IS more specific. As the description says: “Older. Wiser. Hornier. When it comes to sex, salt and pepper are the best seasonings.”

This first scene stars Titan Men exclusive Dallas Steele (a definite muscle daddy) and Jason Vario who may be younger but already has the dominant muscle persona going and can be considered as a muscle daddy to an even younger group. As you’ll see from the start this is an all-sex movie with director Jasun is going for the vignette-style scene, based on a theme rather than a plot. And you are certainly drawn in right away at the sight of Dallas deep sucking Jason’s thick meat.

Dallas Steele makes the point that the movie theme presents: “age and experience make Muscle Daddies the biggest catch in town.” He sucks Jason Vario skillful ease, taking care of all of his shaft, massaging his big balls sac and reaching up to play with his muscular chest. He goes back down on Jason with uninhibited enthusiasm and if you listen you can hear Jason express his pleasure and approval. He shows it too by bringing Dallas up for a deep kiss before pushing Dallas’ mouth back on his cock.

The camera also lets us see that sucking Jason makes Dallas’ dick rock hard and he strokes it as he continues to suck. At one point Jason reaches down to play with Dallas’ ass which ticks the scene towards a sensuous direction. Dallas strokes Jason and nuzzles against his powerful chest and sucks on his nipples. He also goes back to massaging Jason’s nuts as he strokes him, as though marveling at the cock he has in his possession. Again he rubs Jason’s chest and buries his mouth in Jason’s balls. It’s clear this is a major g-spot for Jason who leans back to moan with pleasure.

Jason gets more aggressive as Dallas gets more enthused sucking cock and savoring his foreskin. He plays with Dallas’ ass, gives it a few whacks and really holds his head on his shaft to get Dallas to deep-throat him. Finally after more body play and sucking Dallas goes for Jason’s big muscled ass.  Again he marvels at the big hard ass as well as riming him and sucking his big balls and cock from behind. Bent over and resting on a platform Jason seems totally under Dallas’ control as though he’s going to get fucked.

Jason Vario snaps back to life and stands up to make out with Dallas Steele . And in case you weren’t already aware of it they’re almost the same height and sure look hot together. Dallas sits back down and Jason sucks off Dallas with the same relentless drive. He does such a good job using his hands and mouth that a giddy Dallas has to warn Jason he may make him cum too soon. It’s a spontaneous ad-lib reaction that we’re really glad Jasun Mark left in.

Jason bends over Dallas and rims him and then fucks muscle man Dallas. Again experience comes into play as the hulking Jason Vario fucks Dallas Steele hard and with consider power behind his thrusts. There’s a slight smile on Jason’s face as he fucks Dallas which you could interpret different ways. Is it a cocky smile reflecting his power position as he makes Dallas get louder and louder? Or is it admiration for the way Dallas takes what he dishes out? Either way these two look so good together you may be like Dallas was earlier…edging toward orgasm.

The guys finish off with Jason Vario pounding Dallas Steele on his back and once again he is relentless in his hard fucking. Jason isn’t exactly a gentle giant but he’s not a brute either. He’s definitely on the quieter side compared to Dallas who lets the audience know through his loud moans and grunts and his body language. Jason fucks an intense load out of him and then delivers a BIG exclamation point to the scene when his cock head swells and explodes with a massive thick load that splatters over Dallas’ tan torso. He almost collapses from the intensity!

At the end they kiss again and you can figure there’s mutual appreciation for what they accomplished here. As we mentioned Dallas Steele is technically he “muscle daddy” but you sure could argue the same for Jason Vario. We bet that Dallas thinks so!

Coming up in the weeks ahead “big daddy” Jesse Jackman has his way with bearded stud Steve Roman and again they’re making the case that they’re both muscle daddies. And Muscle Daddies concludes with a poolside flip-fuck starring Liam Knox and Luke Adams. Who’s the daddy?

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