Sean Cody: Jakob & Dean!

This week at Sean Cody models Jakob and Dean make for a very compatible on-screen pair and turn in a surprisingly good scene! Actually we shouldn’t be too surprised that Dean is good because he’s brought it to quite a few scenes since his arrival in 2014. But like many performers the key is his scene partner. Jakob‘s experience is lighter and his scenes vary but in this particular scene he shows the potential the powers that be at Sean Cody saw in him. 

The introduction with Jakob and Dean frolicking in the pool and playing dirty games with their pool noodles.  They DO seem to like each other and as we say they’re very compatible. They also seen to get all their outside silliness out of their system and act professionally when they come inside for their sex scene. What a relief.  That said they still have a good time putting on a show for us.

Once inside Jakob and Dean with each other’s nearly identical cocks through their shorts and off, pausing briefly to kiss before Jakob goes down on Dean. Okay, at this early stage in the scene the lack of kissing is still problematic (no kissing used to be a no-no at Sean Cody) That said Jakob seems to be pushing all the bright buttons in sucking Dean who gasps and moans frequently. Almost too much? That’s debatable. It could be very sincere.

On the bed Dean feeds Jakob’s mouth and then sits on his cock to ride him. As we mentioned they’re compatible during sex, working together with no awkwardness whatsoever. Jakob thrusts up as Dean bounces up and down. His high-pitched sighing and breathless moans get even more pronounced and louder as Jakob fucks him against the wall table.

Jakob’s steady, relentless power-fucking works and Dean explodes in thick volleys of cum. When Jakob pulls out and shoots on Dean’s ass it’s almost identical. We have to add that Dean and more so Jakob have porn bodies that look god from every angle. And when Jakob’s muscles flex as he cums: perfect.

Round too opens unexpectedly with Jakob rimming Dean’s smooth hole. And by the way, this is handled perfectly with an overhead camera angle. From there Jakob fucks Dean on his back, deep into his while but with a little more ease. From there Dean sucks his cock. Then he gets fucked from behind, he rides Jakob’s cock. It looks like Dean has to rest just a bit but he picks it up again and they’re in sync once more.

Another sign of their sexual compatibility is that Dean doesn’t need to work himself into cumming in either the first round or in this one. Jakob keeps hitting the spot and almost without any effort Dean strokes his cock and another huge geyser erupts. Jakob keeps pumping and winds up cumming inside Dean. These two guys are wiped out!  They kiss at length (finally!) possibly out of satisfaction but we imagine some genuine affection too. Jakob sure seems to like kissing.

Lastly, in case you might think it’s gone there’s still room room for Jakob’s signature, post-orgasmic “Whoo!”  And there’s a good but brief behind-the-scenes epilogue. Okay Sean Cody this is a move in the right direction.  We longtime viewers are pleased.


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