Cocky Boys: Pierre Fitch Returns!

Cocky Boys latest scene is newsworthy on many levels…and t’s also a really good scene.  It features the pleasantly unexpected return of superstar Pierre Fitch both to porn AND Cocky Boys and to welcome him back Calvin Banks was selected to co-star with him! It’s a flip-fuck scene that’s arguably even hotter than you might imagine.

To emphasize the importance of Pierre Fitch’s return Cocky Boys issued a press release that goes into some of the details behind this milestone. They state is simply: “Porn legend and former CockyBoy Exclusive Pierre Fitch has returned to the business with his home studio Cocky Boys.  Fitch is back in full force looking in better shape than ever and in his first scene back is paired perfectly in an epic flip scene with CockyBoy Calvin Banks.’

CockyBoys Owner and Director Jake Jaxson says, “Pierre is Back, and looking bigger and better than ever!  We are thrilled to welcome Pierre Fitch back to CockyBoys. One of the best known gay porn stars working today, he is truly a legend in his own time. Pierre first joined CockyBoys as part of the cast of Project GoGo Boy, followed by 30 more scenes, and after a hiatus from shooting, I’m thrilled that he decided to come back and shoot with us.  As he told me a few months back, it was hard for him to stay away once he saw some of the new exclusive models we were signing.”

Fitch says on his return to CockyBoys, “After nearly 17 years in the porn business, I just needed some time to focus on myself and some of my own personal goals. I’m taking my health and fitness training more seriously than I ever have. I’m making my comeback now because I’m ready mentally and I think I’m in the best physical shape of my life! I also truly missed all of the wonderful people I’ve come to know and care about over my many years in this business.

 “A few weeks ago I decided to contact CockyBoys. I told them about my interest to get back in the game and the models I wanted to work with. They agreed almost immediately! CockyBoys not only makes some of the best productions with the hottest models, but they are also some of my favorite people in the business and a huge part of my life. They are like family to me! We are going to work together a lot more frequently in the very near future and I am beyond excited! To my fans…who have always supported me…I love you and look forward to talking to you more! Watch out for many new updates and amazing scenes coming VERY soon!”

In the introduction to the scene you will notice right away that indeed Pierre Fitch is in amazing shape. In his own words he’s still a proud vegan but has added power-lifting to his workout regimen.It shows big time. Calvin Banks does the honors of welcoming Pierre and expressing his enthusiasm to working with him. Pierre is a little quiet at first but very quickly opens up and lets Calvin know he was one of the guys on the list of newer Cocky Boys with whom he wanted to work.

 You really have to appreciate Calvin Banks here. He’s reverential to Pierre Fitch but also a good catalyst for starting Pierre’s engine. Calvin enthusiastically kisses Pierre and plays with his body and wastes little time going for his cock. Pierre is not one to make you guess what he’s feeling or thinking or what he wants. He comes right out and lets you know. He likes getting sucked by Calvin and is very excited to reciprocate. There’s nothing holding him back as he sucks Calvin’s long hard cock and deep throats him.   Pierre wants Calvin to stand up so we can suck him but Calvin wants to give him even more deep sucking.

Pierre does get his shot at sucking off a standing Calvin and once again he’s all into it. But just as it seems Pierre is going to flex his star power it’s Calvin who steers the action by offering up his ass. And when Pierre Fitch fucks him he’s unleashed. You get the fully verbal and vocal Pierre, a hard-driving sexually uninhibited top. Calvin shows he can take it too no matter how Pierre fucks him. In fact at one point Calvin Banks moves to the middle of the bed and plays with his hole to get Pierre to fuck him on his side.  He does and he’s just keeps going.

There comes a point when Pierre decides he wants to be fucked by Calvin’s cock and just like that he’s on all fours getting his cock. Calvin shows Pierre he can fuck him with the same intensity that he’s known for. And once again Pierre Fitch shines . Eventually Calvin gets Pierre on his back, fucking him non stop until he makes him shoot a big thick load. Calvin Banks pulls out and cums right after that in spectacular intense fashion. He shoots a geyser of cum that lasts a long time and practically covers Pierre.

As we mentioned Pierre Fitch says what’s on his mind and he exclaims every which way about Calvin’s cumshot. Calvin Banks in turn is giddy with pride. What a scene! Pretty soon Pierre takes on Taylor Reign! We can’t wait…

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