Hot House’s Dark Matter Continues

 As the surreal fetish flick Dark Matter continues this week at Hot House it features a study in contrasts.  Johnny V, wearing a white harness, jock strap and high-tops, is described as looking mystical as well as “pure and innocent.” Perhaps not the adjectives you might assign to Johnny but the blond, clean shaven and smooth muscle stud does contrast to the bearded, scruffy and tattooed dark body-suit wearing Chris Bines .  And as it turns out Chris is the agent of this scene’s apparent theme: corruption.

What remains the same from the first scene is the stage/platform with steam periodically blasting from the back. It’s on top on this platform that we see Johnny V looking quite stunning, tan and in his white garb, feeling the muscled contours of his own body. The only thing missing from this picture are angel wings. Crawling up from the darkness is Chris Bines who proceeds to feel up Johnny’s muscles and turn him on. They make out and before long Johnny is not so pure. Or as HH puts it, “Johnny is the first to give into his desires.”

Johnny gets on his knees and takes out Chris’ cock from his body suit and starts sucking his cock. Chris isn’t forcing himself on Johnny…he’s more of a subtle agent of corruption. Johnny’s turn from pure to sexually ravenous may be a little fast but it’s hard to complain when it’s Johnny V. This is someone who performs with uninhibited passion. Chris Bines, like so many of Johnny’s co-stars, gets the full treatment from him. And it’s a turn on for Johnny to give pleasure: his cock is straining his jock strap as he sucks Chris.

Chris returns the favor by getting on his knees and sucking off Johnny while he strokes his own thick, picture-perfect cock. We assume too that this “corruption” includes giving Johnny the same oral treatment. And through it all Johnny barely says a thing. He’s a very vocal and verbal man so it must have required some discipline and restraint to keep it quiet…at first. Because soon Chris is on his feet making out with Johnny again and bending him over to rim his ass. And Johnny simply can’t keep quiet any more.

Johnny V gets the full ass foreplay. Chris Bines buries his face in Johnny’s crack, he fingering his hole and gives his muscled ass as few hard spanks. Johnny impresses even more by bending over and grabbing his ankles, It’s quite a sight and it gives you a good look at Johnny’s perfectly sculpted musculature.

 Chris gets Johnny on his back and fucks him which is a bit of a surprise considering this is how sex scenes often end. Instead this is the first phase of  their fucking. And it gets more intense and louder as they move ahead. Chris pounds Johnny’s hole from behind and Johnny really has to hold on to that stage for support. He’s also yelling out “Fuck, Fuck!” as he furiously beats his meat. Chis keeps pounding away until Johnny shoots his load and strokes out every drop.

At he the end Chris Bines pulls out a shoots a thick load over Johnny V‘s back and incredible ass. Johnny sits down to makes out with Chris again to let us know, if it wasn’t already clear, that Johnny has been totally corrupted. And that whatever entity he is or was now is probably now willingly under Chris’ control. And who wouldn’t want Johnny V at your beck and call?

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