Gay Room: Back To School With Jack Hunter & Tom Bentley

Gay Room continues its series of holidays and special event tie-ins with a new “Back To School” themed video. It’s arguably more risque as it features ever-popular premise of forbidden sex between non-blood related relatives. More importantly it stars award-wining Jack Hunter and new Tom Bentley . The semi-incestuous  theme may be a little worn these days but the scene is well shot and, let’s get real, it has Jack Hunter. That’s all you need to know.

Long story short Tom Bentley is back from summer vacation but has forgotten his keys. So when he goes around to the back he sees step-brother Jack Hunter jacking off to porn.  The shock and embarrassment stuff is swept away as well as “but you’re my stepbrother!” line and soon Tom is sucking off Jack. Kudos to Gay Room making it clearer how tall Jack is but also for all the wonderful close-ups of his cock and balls. However…

After Tom sucks him Jack rims and fucks him every which way. Relatively shorter Tom isn’t manhandled by Jack but clearly Jack can move him about as he pleases. He fucks Tom from behind, on his back and he lets him ride his cock. Here’s where there’s a BIG issue. Tom Bentley gets hard and close BUT he doesn’t cum. Jacks does but we don’t get to see the full cumshot as he gives Tom a facial. The best part of this climax are the delicious close-ups of Jack’s cock.

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