Sean Cody: Brysen & Barron

The week’s second sex scene from Sean Cody featured Brysen and Barron, who it was revealed are (or were) a real-life couple like Asher & Deacon. The scene’s released was delayed almost two days because of what the studio said were technical issues that they eventually fixed. Actually we weren’t surprised this happened given that a heat wave and a brush fire in California was causing power and internet outages.  All this aside is the new scene good? Yes, mostly thanks to Brysen who continues to shine as one of Sean Cody‘s true stars. He has it all with looks, body, cock, personality and performance. Shortly it will be his first anniversary on the site and the studio should make sure they sign him up for more.

Brysen and Barron are very cute together in the scene’s introduction in which we learn that they’re a couple. The “how and when” story may or may not be accurate but the affection is. Interestingly there’s more than a physical attraction as Brysen mentions that he was interested in Barron because they’re both “science nerds”.  It certainly adds to the affectionate sexual chemistry that which flares up brightly in a pre-sex shower sequence. They kiss passionately, there’s cock-sucking and some humping. And more kissing. Frankly if this was the way the rest of the scene went it might have been perfect.

Brysen is still kissing Barron as he cries him into the bedroom set which Gay Daily Hot has dubbed several names, more recently the Nuclear Zone. That’s because it’s often so brightly lit it creates all kinds of visual problems with color and definition. That’s an issue here again and Sean Cody needs to take care of pronto. It gets hot in there too. Even a guy like Brysen who sweats easily looks drenched. Anyway, Brysen does what he does best: he fucks without any inhibition. He fucks Barron on his back, he slaps his cock on his face, feeds his mouth and then Brysen fucks harder as Barron rides him. Brysen is also connected to Barron with passionate kissing and body language.

The issue here, besides the lighting, is cute Barron. He emotes like he’s being tortured. He grimaces and cries out as though he can;’t handle Brysen’s cock or hard fucking style. But obviously he can if they’re indeed seeing each other. There IS an audience for those who like seeing guys manhandled and in pain, like Barron,  while getting fucked but it seems incongruous to the site or to this apparently happy couple. Also Brysen cums in this first go-round. Barron does not.

In the second round (and it’s edited in such a way as to look like the guys didn’t take a break) Brysen fucks Barron from behind on top of the bed, then off the edge of it like a wheelbarrow race. Barron gives him an a blow job then Brysen finishes Barron off on the floor in a variation on the missionary. This time Brysen fucks Barron until he cums and then shoots on him soon after in another intense and sweaty orgasm. Barron sucks on his cock and little more and then they kiss. And as the camera guy comes in for a close-up interview we see the happy and cute Barron return.

The behind the scene epilogue shows more of the sweet affection between Barron and Brysen and they do address Barron’s whimpering vocals. Barron claims they’re involuntary but also “blames” Brysen’s cock size. So we gives we’ll grant him that as well as his grimaces. BUT if he returns or the guys have a three-way we think he’s going to have to work on this.

Lastly because there’s only one change in the Sean Cody Top Model list we’ll hold off posting the revised ranking. The change though is important. Dean now moves into the Top Ten, tied with Sean. And both guys will be two scenes away from knocking Jarek out of the top ten! Also Brysen is getting closer to making the list. As one of THE best in the current roster we’d love top see it happen for him. Stay tuned…

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