Guys In Sweatpants: Clark & Dante!

This week Guys In Sweatpants reunites Dante Colle and Clark Parker, two handsome jock studs and friends who had TWO scenes together while at Corbin Fisher (as Ryder & Sebastian)!  AND, basically the guys both launched their post CF porn careers here.  So how did Guys In Sweatpants owner Austin Wilde put these two together in a scene without it being redundant? Easy! Clark topped Dante in both their CF scenes but here Dante is on top! And since Clark has become such a good bottom the timing is just right for this reunion.

There’s quite a lengthy introduction here that might seem to be padded, but by showing the guys showering together and grooming  as they’re interviewed, we see the chemistry and comfort level of their friendship. So, when they lie and the bed and start kissing you don’t feel this is performance. Side note: Clark is wearing some “Clark Kent” glasses here and they look good on him, making him even sexier.  As the passionate kissing continues you’ll understand  Austin’s description: “…I just let them devour each other, and devour they did!”

Dante Colle is the first one to get his cock sucked and it’s easy to see the dynamic of this pairing. Clark Parker lies on his back getting fed cock and Dante face fucks him. And when Dante reciprocates he soon comes right out and states his intentions: “Alright I can’t take this anymore. I want that hole…Get on your knees” He fucks Clark from behind and THIS might be the performance part. Dante plows right in showing no mercy to Clark.  Is Clark enjoying it? From a side view there might be a smile, but his moans can be interpreted several ways.

Dante tells Clark to flip over and here’s where we get the impression that Clark is into bottoming…and possibly into being dominated. He smiles when Dane orders him about and slips a pillow under his ass to start fucking him. He enjoys it but Dane enjoys it just a bit more, pulling out and cumming over Clark’s crotch. He slips his cock in to fuck some more but it doesn’t look like Clark is going to cum.  SO, Dante suggests they go to the bathroom and clean up. End of scene? Oh, not quite.

The guys strut into the bathroom and  given that Dante Colle is rock hard again we can assume this was filmed later. As Clark Parker bends over the sink to wash up Dante decides they’re not done. A grinning Clark gets fucked from behind and this seems to be the optimum position for the guys.  As he’s fucked Clark cums over the bathroom cabinets and on the floor this in turn pushes Dante over the edge. He pulls out and seconds later he cums over Clark’s hole.

There’s a post-sex shower clean-up sequence in which we learn just how highly ranked the sex was for these guys who look VERY happy. Austin calls then “lovebirds” which is cute but also hot if indeed there is something going on. We prefer not to know whatthe real story is and just live in the fantasy.

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